Absolutely Altinkum's very own Columnist.

by Tans 14 Feb 2008, 19:44
For a few minutes I felt I was over there with you. Thanks for that. :)

Tanya and Andy

by angela 15 Feb 2008, 03:40
Enjoyed your article Veronica. Looking forward to the next one.


by phillanddi 15 Feb 2008, 09:35
nice read veronica look forward to next weeks update

phill and diane marina gateway

bought from turkish home sweet home have tapu + no regrets

by Ronsgame 15 Feb 2008, 12:18
Alan, my dear boy - it would take a flipping miracle for moi to get like Kate Moss. Working on my next one; column I mean, not my diet! It may not be all about Didim/Altinkum but will try by best. Trouble is, in Winter, there is not much going on - except for Building, Roads, Rain, Oh crumbs, I have started again, haven't I?
Many thanks indeed for all your comments.



Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

by hayley and bert 15 Feb 2008, 16:09

Enjoyed that, it was a good read and I'm looking forward to next week.



by twoblues 15 Feb 2008, 16:20
Veronica, Thank you so much for you newsy imput, as has been said above it really is nice for us back here in the U.K. to have news of whats going on there and your thoughts.

It makes me for one feel a little closer to where we hope to be, sooner or later.



by annehugs 16 Feb 2008, 22:22
That was a lovely read


by grumpy 23 Feb 2008, 20:14
Thanks Veronica enjoyed the read. Look forward to the next posting, Brad and Loraine

by pollyg 24 Feb 2008, 11:41
hi veron i must have been in hibernation, as i didnt know about the new market, where is it please,
also is anything going on construction wise, just passed the trip boats, before you get to the luna park, as it was said that the little beach down the sreps was to be all dug out and tided up
thanks polly g

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