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by Ronsgame 17 Feb 2008, 15:32
Well, second week and no-one has been around to lynch me so here goes.
I personally think that the American Government should pass a law banning firearms to people who are not in a fit state to own them. The 27 year old boy has devastated lives (other than his own family) by shooting University Grad. Students in a Geology Class, then turning the gun on himself. What a waste of life.

I was looking at the photographs taken by Beverley at the rear of the Garden of Sun. Some of the roads seemed to be gravelled. What I should like to know is, why gravel roads around buildings that are not even completed when there are numerous roads where it is just mud and the apartment blocks are finished and occupied?

I was thinking the other day about the holiday season and, as so often happens, one thing leads to another in your mind and sometimes, from out of your mouth when you are in company. I started to think about the first time we came to Turkey. Hubby and I went for a trip to Istanbul. I had always imagined going to the city originally called 'Constantinople' and used to sing the song often - you know, the one where Constantinople is changed to Istanbul - and, obviously did not know what to expect when we got there. We stayed at the Koza Hotel in the district of Aksaray, our room was on the third floor. I did not know what to expect, as you hear all sorts of tales about cities in a foreign country. In those days, when you said you were going to places like Turkey, it conjured up all sorts of visions, even though most of them were absurd! If you could have seen this idiot (me). I looked out of the window, down to the street below and, all I could see were men standing around on the street corner, oh dear! We decided to take a chance and go for a walk. We really had a lovely day, the Turkish people were ever so friendly and polite. I sometimes think some people in England have forgotten how to be nice and polite these days. The hotel was situated in Asim Bey Street and, all we did was to walk down to the end, where Mustafa Kemal Street was. The day after, we walked down to the Sea of Marmara via Mustafa Kemal Street, bought a sandwich and can of orange each and sat, watching the cargo ships in the bay. Maybe a little tame for some people but we enjoyed it. In the afternoon we made our way up to the Bazaar. We had to cross Ordu Street, which is very busy but well worth the dice with death trip. You could really get lost there AND loose most of your money, especially if your wife or girlfriend takes a shine to the beautiful jewellery. All in all, we had a lovely time, I even went into one little store and bought Turkish Delight - what else? The shop was so packed with goodies, how the man knew where everything was I shall never, ever know. All in all, a great trip but I have to say, my favourite place was St. Sophia. So if you get the chance please go and see one of the most famous cities in the world. Mind you, our stomachs did a turn when we passed a window with Sheep's Heads sitting there. We took photos of new buildings being erected and still cannot get over the way they had the scaffolding. Just pieces of wood, the same as here in Altinkum/Didim four years ago. John (my hubby) was the Health part of the Health and Safety at our place of work in Dublin and he could not get over how there were never more accidents occurring. No hard hats either. One man I know said to me years ago, "When you have a hard head, you do not need a hard hat!!!! Silly Man! Remember, we went twenty years ago so many things will have changed but not the places of interest.

If you have ever ridden a bicycle you must be green with envy if you heard about Mark Beaumont. He smashed the World Record by three months for cycling around the World. He did 29,000 miles in 195 days. I used to ride a bike when I was younger but, never in a million years could I ever consider doing what this young man did. I take my hat off to him.

I must ask you, all those people who have decided to make Turkey their home - have you registered with the British Embassy yet? Whatever you tell the Embassy will remain your own personal business. It could also help to have a Consul office here in Didim if enough people have registered and, it would save you having to go to Bodrum if you ever have a problem.

Also, getting Health Insurance. I know I have covered this before but please, unless you are old like me, just pop into any Sigorta (Insurance) Office and get a quote. It COULD save a lot of heart-ache for you and your family. Or, you could consider opening a 'Health Account' at a bank, if you are strong-willed enough to put your money in and leave it there. Either way, better to be safe than sorry and the earlier to start, the better it will be.

Well, last time I said I was going to be doing Whys, Where and Whatfors. So, here goes: - First question for the ladies (well, mainly ladies)

WHY do women wear MATCHING Earrings? I mean, we wear rings on our fingers and these are all different, so why not different earrings. These are rings of a kind that we place in our ears, that is all. I have puzzled over this because I used to have a PAIR of pearl earrings. At the hairdressers one day, I lost one - damn. They were lovely (and, I may add expensive ones John had bought me one Christmas). No good crying over spilled milk, so I kept the remaining one. I also have pearl studs, so one day I decided to put one stud in one ear and the remaining pearl drop in the other. Well, at least they matched. I do not mean to wear one red earring and one green one. If you did that and was in the middle of getting a tan then you would most likely look like traffic lights. If anyone knows, could they please enlighten me, 'cause I am the sort of person who DID (no fireplace here now) not even have ornaments matching. You must know what I mean, two large vases at each end, then matching ones working their way inward - sorry, no!

WHY do models on the catwalk walk as though they want to go to the toilet? If we were meant to walk with one foot in front of the other, surely our legs would be placed in that manner. They walk this silly way and never ever smile. They do not 'glide', they bob up and down because of this funny walk. If you see tapes of the models in the 40s and 50s, they looked good, walked normally and smiled. If these females think they look sexy, I have news for them, they don't. Jerry Hall was in the same show as these females on one occasion and she walked normally AND looked extremely sexy.

WHY are things not made to last these days. I have a small Oxo Tin that used to belong to my Great-Aunt. She would have been well into her 120s now if she had been alive. These days the cubes are now placed in cardboard boxes and are thrown away. More rubbish on the tip. Not very environmentally friendly I would say. At least I can use the little tin for pins, needles and small buttons. The Oxo Cubes most likely cost a lot less in those days as well. Please do not tell me that wages have increased, I know that but pound for pound, the prices have risen enormously and all we seem to get is more rubbish to go to the tips.

WHY have the Council not placed the Dolphins, in Dolphin Square, in their lovely water? This matter has been on-going for quite some time now and anyone who read my Edits when I worked at the Didymian will testify about this. It was a heading on the front page on the 12th of December 2006, and an article was printed, quoting the Mayor who promised to give the poor creatures their water back on the 7th of February 2007, so it has been long enough now. They are currently jumping up from the GRASS!!!! I am very surprised at the Mayor, as he promised this situation would be sorted out. Maybe with the elections getting ever nearer, we may get something done.

WHERE do our surnames come from? People are going around trying to find out about their ancestors (me included) but, what about the names? Maybe we should start thinking about this, for example, Mason could have originally been a stone mason or something of that ilk. Butcher, most likely been a farmer who killed and sold meat. Come on, give us your thoughts - be please be serious or your ancestors could turn in their graves. Coincidence - Jane Horrocks has just come onto Zone Reality (again) checking her family tree.

This seven-star hotel they are talking about building. Who will they fill it with? I could not even afford a cup of coffee in a seven-star establishment. People who wish to have a mooring at the new marina will, most likely sleep on their boat. Could be there are millionaires out there who will come to Didim on holiday because I think one would have to BE a millionaire to stay there.

Now, with the thoughts of my childhood and the smells of freshly-ground coffee and fried onions, I shall leave you until next time.



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by Thelma 17 Feb 2008, 16:32
Lovely article to read Veronica. Enjoyed as usual.

Thelma and Roy

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by JANE 17 Feb 2008, 18:02
Nice read, thanks,

Jane and Billy,

"Wish we were there"!

"Wish we were there"!

by suenels 17 Feb 2008, 18:13
Thanks Veronica



by roz 17 Feb 2008, 19:09
good reading Veronica roz

by del 17 Feb 2008, 20:21
Great read Veronica thanks.


by gina 17 Feb 2008, 20:32
I also enjoyed reading, and agree i have loads of earrings, lets start and odd earring craze off veronica

take care

Best Regards Geoff and Gina

Best Regards Geoff and Gina

by christella 17 Feb 2008, 20:43
brillant reading really enjoyed my mother god bless her found out we were decendents from mark twain

chris and stella
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by puwer98 17 Feb 2008, 20:56
great post well done on number 2

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by Kelchocolate 17 Feb 2008, 21:04
Very interesting read,well done Veronica.



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