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by Ronsgame 03 Mar 2008, 15:29
Sorry I have not done another rendition yet but I honestly have to finish a matinee coat (crotchet) for our Turkish Friends whose baby is due in about two weeks. It's surprising how quickly the time goes and, by the end of the day my eyes, with normal wear, are crying out for some love and tenderness. Will type something for you all soon - and I did say it would not be every week. Thank you for your patience.



Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

by PJRichards 03 Mar 2008, 17:11
Its ok Veronica[;^)] You sit on your balcony, in the sunshine, crotcheting, and maybe even sipping a nice cold drink [(#)] doesnt matter about us [:-(]
You friend will love the very kind gesture, I am sure.
Speak to us when it is finished, we can wait [x2x]

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Cahit apartments

by Thelma 03 Mar 2008, 18:14
Yes Veronica we will all be here waiting for the next instalment of your column.

Pauline, I love the daisy which website did you find it on?

Thelma and Roy

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by annehugs 04 Mar 2008, 00:15
Veronica I am sure your next rendition will be worth the wait


by gina 05 Mar 2008, 07:08
We will all just have to wait, but know it will be worth the wait. good luck with the crothering

Best Regards Geoff and Gina

Best Regards Geoff and Gina

by Kelchocolate 05 Mar 2008, 10:20
Am sure it will be worth the wait:).Crotcheting is something i would love to learn how to do:).



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