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by Ronsgame 16 Mar 2008, 11:47
Well, back again with my thoughts, views and opinions.

<b>Sorry to all my friends who replied to this but, the 'I' about the old man was really annoying me, so I deleted the article but unfortunately, everything disappeared. Anyway, changed it to He and I feel better now.</b>

What has happened to Great Britain? I mean, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This group of countries together produced a once great nation which these days seems to have gone to the dogs, literally. Oh second thoughts, dogs are usually very particular who they associate with. The British Navy was the best in the world. The brilliance of inventing things was second to non. It gave birth to great writers and poets. Produced monumental and structurally brilliant buildings, many of which are still standing.

Sorry to go on but, I was watching Zone Reality Television the other week and one programme called 'Design Houses'. I should imagine most of you will have seen this at one time or another. This one stands out in my memory because it was a 'flat-pack' type of house and had been chosen by a married couple. It was called a HUF House and came from Germany. The purchasers went over to Germany and picked their design of house. It was DULY manufactured and, just to make sure that everything was in order, they paid another visit to the Huf Factory and walla - there was their house, in sections, all of which were marked with their name. The wife seemed very excited when she saw it.

It was transported over to the site in England where the couple had purchased a lovely plot of land, surrounded by trees and bird-song. The German contractors were on site at 6:00a.m.. in order to commence work but, were delayed by ten hours. The complete building was erected in FIVE days, yes, five days. The internal wiring, kitchen, bedroom cupboards, bathroom and general fixtures and fittings were finished in under two days. To me, this was a marvellous piece of engineering (not in the sense of motor engineering etc) The only problem in the whole of this exercise was the delay of ten hours, It was not the German's fault, oh no!! They had to wait for an English Crane to assist in the erection of the heavy beams and walls. The Crane driver (poor man) had been sent to the wrong site in Godalming, miles and miles away. I mean, could this English Company not even get that part right? It really makes one wonder what happened. Standards seem to have just disappeared.

What about the old gentleman who is running in this year's London Marathon? You may wonder why I ask this question, well I will tell you. This man is 101 years old!! Most of us babies get tired just getting up in the morning. He works (works?) yes works for a Plumbing Company, washing the vans. He says he will work until he drops. Good for him I say, how many people do not WANT to work or cannot wait until they retire. O.K. fine, I was probably one of that number so, I have great respect for him. He has fifteen children and his wife (the mother of his children) died years ago. He said he has never met anyone to come up to her standards, so he never married again. Ah !! What a lovely man. Mind you, He did look a little like Fidel Castro, with his beard. Never mind, can't win them all.

Thinking - as I am prone to do now and again - What would be your priority-buy at the supermarket? I suppose mine would be, first, food for the dogs, then most importantly toilet rolls. Oh crumbs you say, yes, but here in Turkey you can only risk putting a small amount of toilet paper down the loo that, if you ran out, you could not use newspaper. I remember as a child (during the war years) using newspaper cut up by my Mother instead. There were a lot of goods you could not buy then. If people like my Grandfather and Mother and Dad were do return to this age, they would be mystified at the amount of things in the shops now. It always reminds me of Alf Garnet and him refusing to use newspaper because it had the face of the Queen on.

Plenty of work is being carried out here in Didim and Altinkum, a lot of it by the Council. People (Turkish and non-Turkish) are STILL complaining about the number of buildings which are still being erected. Who on this earth would want to have their home, holiday or not, so close to the next building that they would be able to converse (without shouting) with the person in the next building. I imagine people who own holiday homes will be wondering if that lovely big piece of spare land will still be there when they return for the annual holiday.

Hubby and I actually got out into the garden last week, A general tidy-up was achieved, plus my cutting the hedge, which, I must confess, does have a mind of its own. It seemed to be growing North, South, East AND West. Only being just over 5ft 2." I could just about see over the living wall from my garden. Never mind, all is well now, tippy-toeing and stretching my muscles all came into use. It was a good work-out. Bulbs and seeds planted in containers, now all I have to do is keep watering them. Until next month when a new batch of would-be floral beauties have to be attended to and put into the ground.

What would you say if the local Mayor told you you could not die - because the graveyards were full to capacity? This has happened in France in a small village called Sarpourenx. This was reported by the newspaper Today's Zaman. The reporter told us the Mayor has told them "all persons not having a plot in the cemetery and wishing to be buried in Sarpourenx are forbidden from dying in the Parish." He added that "offenders would be severely punished" !!!!!?? Now THAT I would love to see.

What do you think about the gathering of 'Heads' of Countries to try to sort out the Global Warming? To me, it smacks of Closing the Gate after the Horse in half-way down the Lane'. Why has nothing been done before? We can all do our bit, after all small bits put together can make a large amount.

We are beginning to get the warmer weather now. I could say thank goodness but, if I do, I also pray that the Summer will not be as hot as last year. Almost everyone loves the sun and to sit out in it, or just be out in it but not to be absolutely drained of all energy. There was also a ban on using water unnecessarily. This did not help my garden. In Australia when I lived there, it was fun to watch the children running through the sprinklers that were dotted around the various lawns. Why, I even walked (very quickly I may add) through one myself one day. Children always have a habit if finding a use for everything don't they?

The Mahalle Representatives are still working hard on your behalf, trying to get Altinkum and Didim a place to be admired, not ridiculed. A lot of the roads are being attended to and yes, I know, we would all like our own roads to be done now, but it all takes time. If you have any questions about your own areas please get in touch with your own Representative, his or her name is on the Forum, along with the contact telephone number.

I know, I have not 'reported or grumbled' about a lot this time but I shall try to gather more information for the next time.



Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

by libby63 16 Mar 2008, 12:38
Thanks again Veronica
I do enjoy reading your written word.

by Kelchocolate 16 Mar 2008, 19:48
Good read Veronica:).The Grand designs programme was on again.......last night on E4.



by Thelma 16 Mar 2008, 20:04
Excellent, Veronica. Thoroughly enjoyed watching Grand Design last night. Lovely house in a beautiful setting.

ImageThelma and RoyImage

ImageThelma and RoyImageImageImageImageImage

by christella 16 Mar 2008, 20:27
enjoyable reading

chris and stella
olive gardens
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by Akin 17 Mar 2008, 00:03
Thanks Veronica, a very enjoyable read , and still thought provoking the second time you read :)

Akin & Trisha

Akin & Trisha

by lacashajoc 17 Mar 2008, 13:31
Good read Veronica, and happy ST Patricks day to you and John.


by Rosemary Titcombe 19 Mar 2008, 10:13
We really enjoyed reading your news and it makes us want this month to go quickly so we can come and see for ourselves. Keep up the column for those of us who are not residents.


by angela 22 Mar 2008, 04:22
Thanks Veronica, enjoyed reading your article.

I also watch Grand designs and saw the one about the Huf House.


by Jackie and Roy 24 Mar 2008, 21:38
Thanks Veronica I enjoy reading your articles and congratulations on becoming a moderator

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