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by Ronsgame 25 Mar 2008, 10:47
America is suffering yet again. Georgia had tornadoes and people's lovely houses were simply demolished. There has been snow - and then there are the elections. Only my own personal opinion but, it does seem an awful long way around to getting someone who will be in charge. Well, whosoever wins the Presidency, to my mind should have the other runner as Vice-President. After all, the people of America have voted for people they wanted to help run the country and I think this would only be fair. (Even though they most likely would not like each other - to put it mildly) But whoever wins, the people of the United States will have to go along with the decisions made. I agree that the soldiers should be brought home but, where will they be employed? The jobs they had would have been filled by others. They will be scarred by what they have had to endure and I do not think their lives will ever be the same, after all, five years is a long time. Then, there is the economy. The world is full of turmoil at the moment but, who would have thought that America would suffer so?

Magic !!!! Now there is a word to conjure up all sorts of feelings. I was watching (Yes, I AM a tele addict, when one gets to a certain age it is easier to sit and watch the box.). The film was Nanny McFee (taken from a story called Nurse Matilda). the end was beautiful when Nanny performed her magic. It is a wonderful thing, to be able to have the gift of magic and make people truly happy. I know, magic does not exist as the films portray it but, everyone has the capability of performing magic every day of their lives. To be able to give love to people who truly need it and maybe, make people's dreams come true.

For the third time, I have just finished watching 'The Lost Prince', King George and Queen Mary's son. As they say "Out of the mouths of babes". Johnny was so honest with everyone but, in an innocent way. He did not know he was saying things but almost everything he DID say made sense. All the villagers and servants loved him. Every time I have watched it (AND I do know the end) I have cried when he died. Such a waste of a young life.

Thinking the other day about my childhood, yes, my memory <b>is</b> that good! I think it strange that some parents and grandparents seem to want their offspring to venture into the world they would have wanted for themselves. My Grandfather; who adopted and raised me, wanted me to be a Music Teacher. He said it would give me an easy living. He could play the piano by ear but had never taken lessons. O.K. fine, he was probably right but, the problem was, I was not interested but, as his best friend was a Music Teacher; as was his wife, I started to take lessons. I progressed from Mrs. Bridge (who taught the beginners) to her husband. O.K. fine, I WAS good and Tom Bridge (teacher) told my Grandfather I could be the best pianist in the North West but.....I did not want to be the best pianist though! You had to pass exams (I do not mean Eisteddfods) in music to become a Teacher and I was not interested in that game, thank you very much. I loved singing and took lessons for this. It turned out I was a Colatura Soprano. My Grandfather died when I was eleven years of age. He died from an illness he contracted during the First World War. I started singing lessons after he departed this life. My point is, how many people take, as their living, a professions their parents wanted for themselves, there could be many. Still never became a professional singer though I did become a member of an Operatic Society.

Didim is gearing itself up for the Summer Season. You should see the Triton Hotel that was. All the inside has been taken out. The Council seem to be doing their best with the roads but the heavy lorries are not helping. To be truthful, I really feel sorry for the people living against Menderes Boulevard. It is bad enough where I live, the trucks, lorries and cars seem to use it as a race track. The lorries going down to the Marina are constant. from early morning until late at night, churning up dust as they go about their business. The dolphins are still sitting on the grass and too many apartment blocks (with shops underneath) are still being erected. Ah well, talk about falling on deaf ears!

(From the T.D.N., March 22nd) Studies by a group of animal lovers, in reaction to over 200 animals having perished due to being fed pet food contaminated with pesticide, led to vindication in Mugla's Marmaris district. Animal lovers in Icmeler and Marmaris had broken out in revolt after hundreds of cats, dogs, birds and chickens were killed. A statement was made that those responsible were still unidentified, despite the large number of applications which had been made to the public prosecutor concerning the deaths. The group of forty (40), including Turkish, Irish, Dutch and British citizens, developed an action plan; to be implemented by the end of October.
This is a worrying state of affairs, seeing that many of us have pets of our own and it must be looked into.

Also from the T.D.N. is the item concerning Didim. It states Aydin's tourism district of Didim is preparing for the coming summer season. The Didim Police began studies to equip the department's crews effectively and to help in dealing with public security, Two new motorcycles were added to the Motorized Teams Bureau Authority. These motorized teams will intervene swiftly in the event of burglary and snatch-and run theft. The only problem would be, people have to telephone the Police Department and report the theft and, I should imagine, by the time the cycle police arrive on the scene, the thief would be long gone.

After watching the Formula One on Sunday, John (Hubby) and I started to wonder - will women be allowed to drive in this race one day? In America women take part in many races which are very dangerous indeed and, in some cases come out winners. The drag races have many ladies on their books. Maybe the men are afraid that the ladies will put them to shame!! I know it can be a gruelling time but woman are up to the job. Just think about Ellen McCarthy for one - she has achieved marvellous things during her short life, things that many men would or could not think of doing.

We have the saying, 'If only I had known <b>then</b> what I know now, things would be different'. Well..... would they? I wonder, if we could possibly go back in time; knowing the mistakes we have made in our lives , would we live our lives differently? I somehow doubt it, in a lot of cases.

When I lived in Dublin, I heard about Misery Hill (in the Dockland Area) and how many people were transported - against their will - to Australia from there. Most of the time it was for stealing food to feed their families. Well, I tried, for quite a long time to get through to various departments concerning having a Plaque made to remember these lost souls. I 'phoned office after office and funnily, no one could help me and, that included the offices for Ministers of State. When I left Dublin, I felt as though I had left something unfinished. After all, in Cork they have a statue commemorating the families travelling to America for a better life but these poor (mainly) men were treated as murderers and were ignored. Now there are Apartments built on the site and obviously people living there will have no idea of the history and the pain that occurred. The song 'The Fields of Athenry' tells the story of one of these prisoners and, it has been adopted as an Anthem for Rugby games at Lansdowne Road. The supporters sing this song with gusto and what I should like to know is - <b>'How many know the origin of it'?</b> In case many of you think I am Irish and feel aggrieved about this, then you are wrong, I am English. It was the British who punished these people and, somewhere inside me, I felt as though I had to make try to amends myself. Maybe I was one of the perpetrators in a former life!!

Well enough for this time, I now have to sit down and think of what to say in my next episode.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and your families.

E.& O.E!!!


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

by Akin 25 Mar 2008, 12:02
Hello Veronica ...WOW is all i can say...i am speechless for once, [:0] such an interesting read.

I agree with you about the dream double bill it makes sense. Pointless in them dragging things on, it will only allow the other side to have a head start.


Akin & Trisha

by Thelma 25 Mar 2008, 13:06
Veronica, I am like Akin, what can I say. A very thought provoking piece of journalism. With reference to ladies being allowed to drive in the Formula One type races, when I was young - many moons ago now -I used to belong to a motor club and we held rallies and hill climbs. I can see my dear Father standing by the side of a hill climb jumping up and down on one foot saying 'You will smack your Mini up' but, of course, I did not. I have a Cup and a Shield to show for my motoring efforts. Those were the days [88][88][88]

ImageThelma and RoyImage

ImageThelma and RoyImageImageImageImageImage

by Ronsgame 25 Mar 2008, 13:31
Thank you for your comments Thelma, it's always a shame when we get older we cannot do the same things. Probably a good job really though.

Akin - thanks for your comments. I often wonder, do people ever 'Heckle' Obama? In England the word Barack (sounds the same, not sure if this is the correct spelling as I have not looked at his name in print) means to heckle. Now THAT is really asking for trouble. People must not realize.



Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

by joolz 25 Mar 2008, 14:13
Great read Veronica. I would love to have been given the chance to speed round in a F1 car!

It reminds me of the latest Herbie movie when she pretends to be a guy so her Dad wouldn't know she was competing. He would allow her brother but not her as it was too dangerous! More like they thought she may show them how its done!

Julie x

Julie x


by Ronsgame 25 Mar 2008, 14:58
Loved that film Julie. I have a little key ring with 'Herbie' on it, does that make me 'sad'? As you say, it would be great to go round a race track. DID have the chance once in Ireland but, I could not do it in my own car, so I said "no thank you". I used to have a 2:00litre Sierra Ghia and boy, could she move.



Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

by JJH 25 Mar 2008, 20:42
Really good read again Veronica, thanks once again.

by Ann58 25 Mar 2008, 21:23
Thanks Veronica really enjoyed your column.


by Moira 25 Mar 2008, 23:05
As always, a gripping read Veronica. Arising from your Episle two points that might be of interest to Members are:-

1. Ireland had a great rally driver(and thankfully she's still alive and kicking) named Rosemary Smith who would have made a superb Formula 1 racing driver but she was never giving the opportunity. Then, as now, it was a "male only" sport.

2. Ireland is the only country in the EU to have been "colonised" so.. is it any wonder we have a written Constitution which protects the rights of Irish Citizens and provides for any citizen to challenge it. It also provides for Referendum of the People when it comes to matters of National importance.

Yes, the results of one or two of our Referendums have been less than satisfactory but the fact is the citizens of other Countries would "give their eye teeth" to have a written Constitution like ours. Putting it simply, every Irish citizen is entitled to challenge the interpretation of any Article of The Constitution if that Citizen believes his/her rights are being denied or infringed. It gives power to the ordinary person on the street and long may it last!!!


by Kelchocolate 26 Mar 2008, 20:26
Good read Veronica:)



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