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by Ronsgame 23 Apr 2008, 07:43
Once more into the breech dear boys and girls. - as they say! I apologise for not being on my column for some time but, as you know, time flies when you get older.

I was watching a programme the other day (God,, does this woman ever do anything else other than watch the television I hear you say?) Well, yes I do actually but it is just ordinary stuff. As I was saying, I was watching one of the 'filler inners' on B.B.C. Prime. This filler-in was the one with the holidays on it and, it was about Blackpool. Well, growing up in Accrington and having Great-Aunts living in Blackpool, we used to go there quite often. My Aunts lived at 38 Bela Grove, in case anyone knows it. I used to love Blackpool, we also went to Ashington in Northumberland where another Aunt and cousins lived. Well, back to Blackpool. It showed the Pleasure Beach and boy, oh boy, did that bring back memories. One memory was of my Grandfather parking our car in a big car park against the Pleasure Beach, my Mother getting the sandwiches out and my Grandfather and my Dad going to buy two jugs of tea from over the wall of the car park. The tea, if I remember correctly, was about one shilling per jug and they were big jugs with a deposit of two and sixpence for security. We received cups to go with it and by golly, was it good? It really was. I suppose it always is when someone else makes it, the same as today. Where would you get that sort of service nowadays?

The second memory was of my poor Dad, God love him. I wanted (naturally, what else?) to go on the Grand National, which was near to the Big Dipper. Well, the only seats we could get were right at the back - at the rear end. The furthest seats back you could get unless you sat in mid-air!!! We were fine until the cars reached the summit, where there was a big sign that stated <b>'THEY'RE OFF'</b>. It could still be there, I don't know, it has been quite some time since I was in Blackpool. Well, when the cars reached the top and went over, the car we were sitting in seemed to 'lift' off the rails slightly. Dad had the enormous job of (1) holding himself in the car (2) holding yours truly (chubby-chops) in the car and (3) the biggest job of all - holding his trilby on. He was almost on the point of being sick and his faced showed it. My Dad was the sort of man, when he went out (apart from work) he always dressed nicely, as he put it. So, suit plus trilby. I can look back now and laugh at the thought but it must have been very frightening for him. I still miss him to this day and also my Mother. Not only for the lovely things she did for me as she was a Tailoress and Dressmaker and so, always had beautiful clothes, made to measure. Her Mincemeat Pies (Christmas time ones) were an absolute dream. The pastry so light it melted in the mouth. Ah... dreams. My Aunt was also a great cook, mind you she was the Housekeep/Cook at Calder Hall in Cumberland. Yes, years ago there was a big house (Hall) situated there and she was the 'boss' of all the catering and household affairs.

I love going to Kipa, either in Kusadasi or Aydin. I know I have to travel a fair distance but to me, it is well worth it. What I do get fed up with however, is the fact that all stores seem to have the same goods for sale. Before I came here, where I lived, in the suburbs just outside Dublin we had three big supermarkets and a few smaller ones. O.K., they sold similar things but they did have a lot of different products as well and it was great going to the various stores to see what they had on the shelves. Their own brands of goods of course, plus ones from all over the world. Here, there seems to be a reluctance to the importation of goods from other countries. Why? Some people here believe they do not miss the things they could buy in the former country of origin. One does get a little tired of the same, same, same, every time shopping day comes around. So come on you businessmen in charge of Supermarkets, get together and do something for the people who keep you in business, not just yourselves. Some people say they do not miss anything, well, for your information, I do and judging by the comments I get from a lots of people, so do others. I do not mean we should have <u>everything</u> we have back in our countries of origin, just a few. I wonder if Carrafour will get any more customers now they have decided to bring back the Card? I think I had around 5YTL on my old Gima Card when Carrafour took over.

In the Didymian they have a question -' Do you like the Mayor?' Well, I for one am extremely disappointed with Baskan Kamaci. In 2006 he promised that the Dolphins in Dolphin Square would be returned to their former glory amidst a fountain of water. He reinterated this again in 2007 AND still to-date, the poor statues are jumping out of GRASS!!!! To some people, this may not really matter but after all, Dolphin Square is named after these creatures. I know they are not real dolphins (not THAT silly) but, seeing that they represent these beautiful creatures, I feel that they should at least be placed in their natural world - and that means WATER where they once were.

It must have been a big shock the other week for the people of one town in Turkey. They were awakened not by the call to prayer but by a Love Song!!!! There must have been some mishap with a link-up they had. It seems that the Prayer call was connected with a music station. Oh Boy - then again, it could have been worse, it could have been Heavy Metal.

Recognition of Native Indians and Aboriginies: Years ago, the 'white' man dominated the world, pilliging and destroying all in his path. In this day and age there is no reason why the native people of varying countries cannot be recognized. I do not mean "O.K., I can see you there - Hello!" I mean given their lands back. Man must not play God, no matter what their differing beliefs and religions are. The American Indians had their lands taken from them by the 'Settlers', mainly, at that time, the English. Now, I am going back a good few years, not yesterday. These people were chased away and given infertile plots of land on which to live and grow their crops etc. Even to-day, they seem (only seem, I say) to be looked down on with scorn. We are supposed to live in a 'just' world, well, if this is true, why do the descendents of these perpetrators not take a good look at themselves and rectify things. The same can be said for the Aboriginies of Australia. In New Zealand, the Maori live and work alongside their immigrant neighbours but, it does not seem that way in the land of the Kangaroo. If one of these people does manage to make something of themselves, they are looked at with disbelief, as though it is not possible. Mind you, I suppose we could look at a lot of countries in this day and age and wonder why some people want to 'dominate' the peoples of that part of the world.

At the beginning of April a report in the Turkish Daily News stated that there may be a shortage of housing - Pardon???? Upon reading further it seems that Turkey needs an average housing supply of 300,000 to 350,000 houses annually, although the rate of home ownership is sixty five-percent according to data obtained from the Istanbul Trade Chamber. Fifty five-percent of the total housing supply in Turkey consists of houses without housing permits or certificates, whilst sixty-percent are houses over twenty years old, and forty-percent require some kind of maintenance work. The Report goes on to say that the renovation of houses, together with the exchange of current homes for higher-qualiy homes are also contributing to the country's potential housing deficit. The data reveals that Turkey will face a housing deficit of up to 5,542,000 houses in the coming eight-year period through to 2015. Now, the way I look at it, if they came to Didim, they would find lots of houses for people.

In Ireland, St. Patrick is remembered each year and celebrated - alright, I know, sometimes too fervently by the lovers of the 'Black-Stuff' but the question that springs to mind each year is, "why do the English not celebrate St. George's Day on the 23rd April"? After all, he is the Patron Saint of England (even though he was a Frenchman). It does seem a little silly does it not, St. George, a Frenchman - while St. Patrick was from England? So, how about the English getting a little tipsy every April 23rd. No good just having it announced on the television.

Food Prices - world-wide have risen, it would seem, all over the world. One thing that springs to mind are the black plastic bags we put our rubbish in. One week, they were priced 5 YTL and the next, 5.10 YTL. How can a commodity rise Ten Kurus in one week? The stock on the shelves and in the stockroom would have been the old price and I should have imagined, invoiced and paid for at the old price. I queried the price of some liquid soap (for personal washing) not clothes not long ago. The box had one price and the price on the tag said a higher price. The supermarket had the last word. Years ago, I used to work in the office of a Wholesale Grocer. When the goods were sent out, the Invoice was duly done at the same time and went with the goods. That price would not have been changed until all the goods were sold in the shops. Where have things gone wrong? Greed seems to be taking over, no matter where we live.

British people complain that they do not have enough money to live. Well, how would they like to live in India and other countries in that part of the world? There was a section of News on the television the other day and get this - the people only had <b>$400</b> A YEAR to live on. Now I would love to see how people in the West would manage on that. It is no good saying, "Well, the prices of goods etc would be cheaper in the East". That I do not buy! (Excuse the Pun.) The price of Rice has risen enornously and that is the staple diet of most people there. I admit, being a Pensioner myself, some days it can be tight as far as money is concerned but I still know where I would rather be.

Well enough 'bitching' for this time. Going off now to find something else to give-out about.

Take Care of yourselves until next time.



Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

by Moira 23 Apr 2008, 09:39
As always.. "a darn good read"! Keep it up Veronica.


by puwer98 23 Apr 2008, 09:47
Good post

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by pal 23 Apr 2008, 10:05
Have a Happy St Georges Day,drink some red beer!!!
Regards Peter XX

by Thelma 23 Apr 2008, 14:02
Veronica, I love reading your articles. It has seemed so long since you wrote the last one.:):):)

ImageThelma and RoyImage

ImageThelma and RoyImageImageImageImageImage

by Ronsgame 23 Apr 2008, 14:54
Only last month Thelma.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

by pollybutler 23 Apr 2008, 21:38
Veronica, thankyou muchly. I have really enjoyed your musings. I remember being young and having free rein on my thoughts and writing long ramblind missive's to friends and family but sadly have become so form and tick box orientated in todays NHS' pressured and litiginous (??spelling) society that i think i have lost the art, but look forward to retirement in the forseeable future which sadly is no longer creeping but galloping up, so that i can let my mind and fingers wander at will over the keyboard and my feet and eyes and soul through the fields and countryside in and around altinkum in the winter and through the hallowed and beloved fields of lincolnshire in the summer

by tricia 24 Apr 2008, 10:00
Great read Veronica, thank you.
Have you tried Kipa in Bodrum? They seem to cater for a wider variety of tastes and you might get some different goodies there.



by Ann 24 Apr 2008, 15:00

Fantastic read. It brought back many happy memories of Blackpool. Every year until my sis and I were in our teens did mum and dad take us to Blackpool. Same boarding house and same 2 weeks. It never seemed to rain and nobody ever said "we are bored". Its our turn to take our grandchildren now and they love it as much as we did.



by Bubbles 24 Apr 2008, 15:30
Well done Veronica, Blackpool was like my second home growing up, holidaying every year I knew it like the back of my hand, reading your post has all those memories flooding back, great times.. thank you.

Jay :)



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