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by Ronsgame 10 Jul 2008, 12:21
Sorry for the absence of my Views lately but life can get in the way of things at times. As the title says, Veronica's VIEWS, so forgive me if I upset some of you by what I say but we are all entitled to our own opinions.

Well, the matter of the dogs seems to have been resolved now. A dog is usually a loving creature with lots of tolerance, I think it is humans who do not have much tolerance. I know from experience, if I have had a bad day then I tend to shout at my dogs (and cats) for no apparent reason. The cats will hide until they feel they can come out to relative safety for their eardrums. A dog will look at you and forgive you for all your indiscretions and all the injustices you deal out to them. The tail wags and you know instantly he / she forgives you and always will. I have thought as well, animals are far superior to humans. How many humans can go to another country and instantly understand what another person is saying? Animals can!! Our Dublin cat Cuddles has a great rapport with our other two cats and the dogs. They go nose-to-nose and have conversations with each other. No, as far as I am concerned animals are far above us, never mind being cruel to them, we should have respect for them. They save lives and would defend to the death. Humans would not!! As well as the aforementioned, if people can see 'Spirits' they are called Mediums. A dog is Super-Sensitive and can either see or sense a spirit, not even knowing what they are.

The mess that has happened in Zimbabwe is beyond belief. I know I have spoken about this country before but, for anyone who lived
there when it was Rhodesia will understand what I mean. It was a prosperous country, filled with peoples who lived together in peace
and harmony. Where is it written that the Whites dealt blows to the Black Rhodesians that killed and maimed them? It is not, it took
an evil man of their own colour to wreak havoc and death.

The other morning, I was sitting on the side of the bed, the telephone rang and I duly answered it. The voice at the other end was male.
To start with I thought it was my son. I asked, "Is that John?". The voice said "No". So, puzzled I replaced the receiver. I did this four times. The fifth time, I asked him what he wanted. Well, do you know, I honestly thought I had been transported to New York and was playing the part of Miranda in 'Sex and the City'; a series which I love watching by the way. When I asked him what he wanted, he asked me <b>"Do you like 'phone sex"?!!!!!</b> John (hubby) was just walking past me and I pushed the telephone into his hand. John asked him "Who is this". At this question, the perpetrator hung up. For goodness sake, can we not answer our 'phones now without having perverts on the other end?

Now, for something a little 'lighter'. It was on the news last week that men over 35 years of age cannot become fathers as easily as they
could when younger, One person whose name sprung to mind immediately was Charlie Chaplin. He was in his eighties and still fathering children. So, as far as I am concerned, it really does not count. If a person is meant to be a father (or mother) then they will be, no matter what their age.

The weather at the moment is really playing havoc with people. I actually sat outside for less than two hours and boy, you should see my arms and face. I was reading a book and the old sun really played havoc with me. You could say I was in camouflage if the red and white was replaced with light and dark brown. I have a lovely red strip across my forehead. All dear old John could do was laugh - I will not tell you what I called him. It reminded me of the time we went to Australia. We travelled on the MV Fairstar in 1967. On our journey we called in at Las Palmas (a beautiful island). As we pulled away from the quay, I sat down on one of the comfortable deck seats and duly fell fast asleep. When I awoke and went downstairs to our cabin, I glanced in the mirror. In horror, I stared at the image there. The female staring back at me was an alien, honestly. The right-hand side of my face was red and the left - as white as the day I left England!!!!!! It was almost dinner time and yours truly went into the Dining Room with her face down and her left hand covering the left side of her face. I can laugh now at the memory but, embarrassing a the time.

I should like to know where I could get someone to instill into my husband's head about wearing a hat or cap. He goes out (he has a bald head) and does not protect himself from the sun. He has around five caps that he could wear but no!!! Who was it that said Women are stubborn? They have to go a long way to beat men.

We went to see friends in Yesiltepe last week-end and received a lovely warm welcome. Pauline and Mick really are a fabulous couple. What a lovely, peaceful place that is. It reminded me of Didim/Altinkum over twenty years ago. On the top of one of the mountains over looking our friends home, is going to be the home for some wind-turbines. It was fun watching the trucks etc., going up and down. All you could really see was the dust pushed up into the air when the tyres hit the gravel. It was fun waiting for the vehicle to appear again from out of the dusty fog. I started to think about the cowboys and Indian films when the horses used to throw up the dust and give the position of the riders away.

Is there anyone out there who wants to change their door locks? Moira gave me two barrels, complete with all their keys(one Yale type) and the other a dead-lock type before she went home to Ireland two weeks ago. What she wants is for someone who needs new locks to save themselves money and buy these cheaper than they would from a shop and then (whatever the amount paid for them) for me to give the money to the Shelter. After all, every little bit helps. I have told Gill about these locks and she said she would direct anyone who needs them in my direction. So, if anyone reading this wants to change their locks and save money, just give me a call. My telephone number is still on the Mahalle Reps. List, or, failing this, put your reply on here.

Going to finish now, my laptop is getting hot, as are my legs on which it is sitting. So, along with the heat from outside I am beginning to melt.

So, for all our friends here in Turkey, please look after yourselves and keep using the Sun Lotion and likewise, to our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, keep taking the umbrellas with you. (We have been told it keeps raining there).


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

by magi 10 Jul 2008, 12:36
Now I know why you havent been to see me this week.
You're red-faced and loveable huggable isnt wearing a hat!

I hope you havent had any more telephone calls - well of the strange variety anyway.
Great read as always,

Magi x

by joolz 10 Jul 2008, 12:41

I didn't think you had emigrated - I thought John had locked you up to stop you going to the new shoe shop!!

My Hubby lived in Zim for 21 years - you should hear him! He fears for the safety of his relatives who still live out there. Its a disgrace that nobody has taken the correct action to help the good people of what was once a very prosperous and beautiful country.

Julie x

Julie x


by Mia 10 Jul 2008, 12:51
Veronica I have read this twice as I enjoyed it so much Pauline and Mick used to be my neibours so could you tell them the next time you see them the scotish couple are asking for them.Have they still got Bonnie and honey and the cats.


by puwer98 10 Jul 2008, 18:37
Nice post

Glynn and Susan Pictures and Didim guide 4u

Moved back to UK on 6th July 2013 after 5 years and a half years.

by Cloverbabe 10 Jul 2008, 21:58
What a lovely report....certainly brightened up my damp day! Can't wait to get out there for some sunshine cos I'm very fed up with all this rain!!!

Paula x

by Akin 10 Jul 2008, 22:15
As usual thanks for a thought provoking read.


Akin & Trisha

by bez 11 Jul 2008, 02:20
brilliant post veronica,my nanny used to tell me when i was little write as you speak and i think thats what you do it makes a really good read i really enjoyed your views thank you for taking the trouble to make it so interesting luv bez

by bobby 11 Jul 2008, 17:05

Read with interest, Thank you.:)

<font color="red"> Bobby </font id="red">


by Ronsgame 11 Jul 2008, 18:04
Hi there Mia. Yes, Paul(ine) and Mick still have Honey, Bonnie AND the cats. They also have a new addition to the family. A lovely Kangal puppy has entered the fray. They seem to be extremely happy where they are, and who would blame them? Peace and Quiet!!!! Ahhhhhh.....

Julie: John was actually moaning today about not having enough room in the outside cupboard for his shoes. So, if I DID want to go to the new shoe shop I don't think he could complain, not after that remark. (The outside cupboard is a cane thingy situated in the porch.) It must be awful for Jack, having to worry about his relatives over in Africa, but, you see, there is no OIL there, that's why no one in the Western World (Governments) care about it.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

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