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by Ronsgame 04 Sep 2008, 15:42
Hi there everyone who thought I was the MALE in the white shirt. That is John, my other half and he is almost bald whilst I have a full head of dark hair. I was christened VeRONIca and my Mother always called me Roni (as in "Where's our Roni" for example). Poor old John does not even know how to switch on a computer let alone use one.

Dancer, me old mucker as I did say in the next post, it was late and, as I had been to a meeting earlier I obviously did not have my mind on my typing. We all make them, you were going to RO to Spec Savers. A Dancer has to be light on his or her feet, hence the Light-Footed Scouser. That is why the new greeting to you. Still very humid today. At least my skin keeps having a sauna, so it should be pure - as the driven snow!!!!

Don't worry Glenys, my daughter and son-in-law are coming the last week in October and I think it will still be hot then but, hopefully not as hot as it has been. The second time we came to Turkey, many moons ago, it was the last week in October and the weather was extremely nice and.... that was before Global Warming. The rain seems to fall in Istanbul or over in the Eastern side of Turkey. I often wonder why hot countries do not use DeSalination Tanks. It would save the Tedas having to turn the electric off so many times because of the water shortages. Maybe one day.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

by dancer 05 Sep 2008, 04:47
Veronica me tinks sum of my scouse humer is rubbing of on you and I think your greeting is top notch. I think your I shall call you "snowy" from now on
Light footed scouser

by Ronsgame 06 Sep 2008, 13:19
I've always had a 'Scouse' sense of humour dear boy. Being born in Liverpool gives me that right.

Lots of Love - Snowy xxxx


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

by dancer 11 Sep 2008, 21:24
Hey girl yur a guden in my books. see ya la
lots of luv & stuff

by bobby 11 Sep 2008, 22:13
Thanks Roni

Read your post with interest:)

From Bobby (who is female) but most think im the man.lol:D

Well I suppose I wear the trousers but thats as far as it goes.:D[:x)]

<font color="red"> Bobby </font id="red">


by EmilyandPete 12 Sep 2008, 17:49
Hi Roni

Loved your post. And also glad you think it will still be hot last week of October. It rained heavily when we were out at that time last year.

My daughter is desperate to get some sun. It has just stopped raining here, I dont think we have had one completely dry day in the last 2 weeks. I havent been able to get my tan (from the last week of August) out at all and it will all have rubbed off soon.

Cant wait to be in Altinkum again


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