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by Ronsgame 01 Sep 2008, 13:55
Did you remember to say 'Rabbits' three times this morning?
I know where a lot of our old sayings come from but not this particular one.

I don't know about you (this is for people who live here in Didim permanently) but I personally would love to wake up one morning and see lovely COLD Snow. Before you think I have gone stark-staring mad, I can assure you I have not. When one sits and the perspiration is running down one's face and into the eyes and onto the neck, it is at that moment when snow seems a lovely option.
Before people in England start to say "We are fed up here, it is always raining". Think yourselves lucky you are having some rain. We have still got another three months to go before the end of the Summer Season and I can foresee water shortages. Usually Turkey can cope with the hot weather but for the past couple of years there has been a scarcity of rain during Winter.

We had six kittens here in the Complex and, over the course of two weeks they were taken up to the Shelter where Ali Durmus neutered and spayed them. There were six kittens from one litter and, as is usually the case, when you want them you cannot find them. So, hence three of us managed to get two of them in the first week and four in the second week. Now all we have to do is have three little ones operated on (until the next lot, oh my goodness!) These are from another litter and there are two totally black ones and one tabby. The tabby I have called Bunnikins as it seemed at one time to have hurt its back and simply hopped along. It's fine now though. There are some lovely dogs and puppies still at the shelter. One lady was in the process of cutting the long hair off the paws of a lovely little Spaniel when we went up the first week we went with the kitties. She had previously given it a bath. This Spaniel has since been given a home. Lets us hope it is a good home where it will be loved and cared for. One beautiful boy dog was walking around the area carrying an empty water bottle in its mouth. The second week we went up there, John was throwing a ball for him and it seemed he really, really enjoyed himself, bringing it back again and again. The water bottle episode could have been used as an advert to remind people not to forget to give their dogs water during the hot weather. WE are fine as we can all go to the fridge or tap and get our own drink, animals cannot.
John and I will be going with Gill on the walk from the Council Offices and I do hope lots more will. If dogs were humanely treated then there would be no problem but, not everyone feel the same way unfortunately. I will shut my mouth on this subject, just please, let us have a good turn out on the 4th of October.

I have not, to-date, been on the Ferry to Kos. I have my Residence Permit so I suppose I would only go there to get items not on sale here and, at the moment, my bank balance does not allow for luxuries.

Well, the Olympics finally came to an end. S'funny but for a week, I felt 'lost'. I was so used to pressing 71 on the Remote Control for Digiturk and watching all those healthy people. I have always loved watching the Athletics, probably because I cannot do it. It used to take me all my time to run to catch a bus. I suppose the knowledge that another bus would be along in a few minutes helped, so why bother getting your lungs in a knot!! I have to admit it, I also like watching the swimming (not too much of it though). With my record of having a thing about water I can never do that these days. I always think back when I was in school and our class went to the swimming baths (which have since moved premises.) I had this dread of water and, unfortunately, in those days one had to go to the baths even though my fear of water was rampant. I was poised by the side of the BIG pool, watching the water; over six foot deep, swirling over the white tiles. I seemed to be frozen with fear and could not move. The Caretaker's wife (a Mrs. Broadley) a very small in stature woman walked behind me and literally pushed me in. Water, water everywhere, up my nose, in my ears and also in my eyes. I was terrified. That did it, I obtained a note from my parents telling the school headmaster I could not go to the baths anymore. If that had happened in this day and age I should imagine that revenge would have been taken by pushing HER in, clothes and all. I still have this fear and walk past the pool here in Oasis with my eyes averted to the side where the apartments or villas are.

Another thing I would suggest is that all the over-paid, over-rated prima-donnas who play on the football field each year give up playing football and start playing hand-ball. Now this game really does fascinate me. It is a well organised, fast game that keeps everyone on their toes. You do not get the footballers falling all around the field, claiming injuries that do not exist.
(Just watch, I shall get loads of hate mail now over this) Sorry lads (and lasses) but I DO think footballers are over-rated and extremely over-paid and, for the life of me I cannot work out how football ever got into the Olympics. We have it all year round now and I think that for two weeks every four years, the poor overpaid little boys could be given a rest. Please put those Voodoo Dolls and Pins away, we all have our opinions and there are quite a few people who do not like football. I have one friend who will not go into a cafe/bar or restaurant here in Turkey if there is a television - as she says "There could be football on and I hate it".

After reading some magazines containing pop singers and film stars(stars?) that my friend Jenny gave me before she left for the rain-soaked shores of England I started to think. With all the men and women who think of themselves of as 'better than anyone else' changing partners seemingly more often than they change their shirts and blouses, wouldn't it be a good idea to start shops where they could just go and change partners like they can exchange books? Just march in with your unwanted spouse and ask for another, similar but with that certain 'thing' that could mean the difference in staying married for a long time or, once again returning to the swap-shop. It would save on going to the Registrar's Office, except they would not get any presents!!!

You have heard the expression 'If only I had known then what I know now', well, I often wonder how many people would live their lives in any different fashion if they could live their lives over again. Something tells me that we could all end up doing exactly the same thing and making the same mistakes again.

Well, will soon be Christmas now (groans all round!). So, no better time than to start slimming, in time for the festive season when our eyes seem to be a lot bigger than our bel.. sorry, stomachs.

Hope this leaves you all in good health, if not wealth and saving up like mad for next years holiday. I just pray that the weather will not be as intensely hot and humid as this year has been. I know August and September are usually very hot but, seriously, it has been hot for many many months now.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

by Cazand Mick 01 Sep 2008, 15:26
A lovely read Veronica and I for one agree with you on the footballer front. It annoys me ever time I hear of a transfer for millions and the money they get per week. I really do not feel it is justified at all.

I'm really sorry we wont be over at the beginning of Oct for the walk, I hope you get lots of support. We are out there at the end of Oct and my 12yr old wants to go down and help a few times so we shall.


by PJRichards 01 Sep 2008, 15:56
<font color="red">Christmas</font id="red">:?::?: NO!!!!!!! I have another holiday to have first.[:u]


yes I did remember to say rabbits rabbits rabbits [(#)][88]

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Cahit apartments

by dancer 03 Sep 2008, 00:21
Ronnie wishing for snow, some people are never happy.

by Ronsgame 03 Sep 2008, 19:58
Listen you 'light-footed Scouser - if your house was like a sauna and your clothes were ringing wet at the end of the day, you too would long for snow. It was the same when I lived in Durban. The white stuff (as opposed to the black stuff) would have been a welcome, cooling change. Anyway, it is a good few years since I have seen snow, I think around 23, so I am entitled to dream about it. Cooling flakes caressing ones face when looking up to the sky, ahhhhhhhhh


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

by Ronsgame 03 Sep 2008, 20:05
Must be slow tonight - mind you it is 11:05 here in Didim. My name is spelt RONI Dancer, I am all female (believe you me) not a male. Ta very much, said with a scouse accent!!


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

by dancer 04 Sep 2008, 01:44
"RONI" (sorry)
I live with a very cold blooded female so I know what living in a sauna is like, give me hot ! hot ! any day.
Do you mean 'light footed scouser' as I have not been in the scouts for quite some time. Mind you I can think of a few tales about the girl guides but will save that for another day.
I think I will have to go back ro spec savers, thought Roni was the one in the white shirt. (Haha)

Live long and prosper

by lovetotravelinstyle 04 Sep 2008, 08:55
Enjoyed reading your post Veronica :)

Your words about the sweat running down ones face brought back memories of dear Feryal. She worked so very hard.... every time I saw her she had sweat running down her face. Bless her !

I to thought it was "Ronnie" and that being your other half in the white shirt :oops:

Tracey :)

Enjoy Life!

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by Kelchocolate 04 Sep 2008, 09:57
Good read Venoica.Enjoyed watching the olympics as well,when i had the time.I was so hot while in Altinkum,it pi***ing with rain now:(.



by glenys wood 04 Sep 2008, 11:24
Enjoyed your 'column', Veronica. What I'd give for some of your sunshine! I'd gladly send some of this rain to you - but please don't wish for it while I'm there 29th Sept to 20th Oct. Don't think I've been warm since I left Oasis in May!

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