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by Ronsgame 05 Nov 2008, 09:03
It will not be long now until Christmas is here again. There seems to be plenty of places where one can enjoy a 'cooking-free' day. John and I have decided to stay at home and have a home cooked dinner. Moi will be doing the cooking though. Just hope there will not be a power cut on that day, unlike the first Christmas we spent here in 2003. It went off for three hours, just when the turkey and accompanying goodies were settling down in the oven!!
The only trouble with Christmas is - I put on more weight than normal. I just have to smell calorie-packed food and my weight shoots up. :roll:

Altinkum / Didim is now becoming very quiet. The Golf Bar is closed as are a few more restaurants. My favourite place - Emin Apart Otel Restaurant and Bar is shut now until May next year. John and I do not go out a lot anyway so it will not affect us too much.

It was great news about the Animal Charity raising all that money. It was a pity that the original day chosen for the Jumble Sale was so wet, there were more holiday-makers here and I should imagine the amount of money would have been far greater. Anyway, at least the good people on the Committee can do something good for the dogs. It would be lovely if some very rich person could donate to the organisation, thus giving them more scope to do even better deeds.

I acknowledge that not everyone loves dogs, or even cats but, for heavens sake, even if you do not like animals, please do not give them a bad name when they do not deserve it. Put yourself on the streets, no-one to love you, people shouting at you for no reason, no food to eat. You just rely on people being generous and loving towards you but sometimes having someone hitting out at you, just because YOU think they may have something for you to eat, is just not on. I know there are humans out there in the same situation but most times, these humans chose this way of life, dogs and cats do not, but....... be it humans or animals we all have the right to live. So, if you are of this minority please rethink your attitude.

Just sitting here typing this and having the BBC News on the television, it just struck me when did money become such a God?? The world seems to be a worse place because of it. During the run-up to the American Elections, millions and millions of dollars have been spent - WHY?

The Congo is in turmoil yet again. The same thing happened forty-odd years ago. Friends of ours in South Africa just escaped with their lives during that period. When we met them they were still in possession of their car (Betsy). Betsy was a large Ford, red in colour and adorned with bullet holes. They had escaped from the gunmen by the skin of their teeth, just missing being killed by inches. We all think that life can be tough - try doing what they did and then say you have it tough.

When you retire, time means nothing and so, time gives you the pleasure (or not) of being able to reminise about the past. Thoughts past through my mind (which, these days would not be difficult as there is not a lot inside it), thinking about the day we emigrated to Australia. People could go there for £20 per adult, children under twelve went free. That meant five of us went for £40. We sailed on the Fairstar from Southampton, a journey which took four weeks. Our first port of call was Las Palmas, which we found to be a beautiful island. We had a good few hours to spend there. Our next stop was in Cape Town, South Africa; little did we know that South Africa would be our home for nine years from August 1970. We arrived in Western Australia in the early hours not knowing where we were going. Friends of ours had been waiting for hours, as our ship was late in docking so it was a case of 'hail and farewell and see you in the morning'. A bus took us to a place called Point Walter, this was where all the immigrants were placed until they found themselves work and their own accommodation. The dining room was situated in a large structure where you queued for your food and then found yourself a table, amongst all the other families. Where we lived was in a two-roomed building, built high up to stop the ants from invading the inside. The toilet facilities were outside and in a separate building. Males on one side and females on the other. The bathrooms were minimal and bare. We did manage to get a house to rent and my husband found himself a job. This situation was only temporary. Most people followed this path in order to get out from Point Walter as immigrants were only allowed to stay there for a certain length of time. That was the beginning of two and half years of our life Down Under. I should imagine it is a lot harder these days to get into Australia.

For a different tact - why should what happens in America affect the rest of the world so much?
The World is such a big place with diverse nations. All these people seem to have to dance to the tune of the Americans - why?? Our Daughter and son-in-law visited the States last year and liked the country very much but their opinions on the people are quite different. Thank The Lord all the ballyhoo will be over soon.

Well Barack Obama is the new President, lets all pray he can do what he promised.

Here is a little piece my friend in Canada sent me regarding Obama's promised new America,
let us hope it will be more equal than this story:

"In a local restaurant my server had on an 'Obama 08' tie. I laughed, as he had given away his political preference--just imagine the coincidence.
When the bill came I decided not to tip the server and explained to him that I was exploring the Obama redistribution of wealth concept. He stood there in disbelief while I told him that I was going to redistribute his tip to someone who I deemed more in need--the homeless guy outside. The server angrily stormed from my sight. I went outside, gave the homeless guy $10 and told him to thank the server inside as I've decided he could use the money more. The homeless guy was grateful. At the end of my rather unscientific redistribution experiment I realized the homeless guy was grateful for the money he did not earn, but the waiter was pretty angry that I gave away the money he did earn.

I guess redistribution of wealth is an easier thing to swallow in concept than in practical application" ;)


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.
by danandgwen 05 Nov 2008, 09:53
I thought the dog issue had run its course and was not to be discused on the Forum :oops: .
Its a pity some people dont do more to help the ill and poor people of Turkey instead of bangin on about bloody packs of stray dogs.
There are a lot of homeless and abused, guess what? they are HUMAN beings who for whatever reason canot defend themselves against being abused and mistreated.
(ps) the rest of your post was a good read :twisted: .

Mavisehir (one day)
by Ronsgame 05 Nov 2008, 10:47
Dear Friends ?
I was not Banging on about the dogs, just making a comparison between humans on the streets and animals. The paragraph before was concerning the amount of money the Jumble Sale made. The title was regarding the Americans NOT dogs.
Sorry if I offended you but they are MY views, if not yours!!

Also - I am a member of an Association starting here in Didim who are very concerned about the poor Turkish People and have plans to help them, also the British people who will need help in any way. So, I do care about people, as well as dogs and cats. In fact, all creatures that deserve to be cared for.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.
by carlnsharon 05 Nov 2008, 11:28
Hi Veronica
Thanks for your latest installment, thought provoking as ever. Unfortunately I can see why you have thought about giving up writing your column. I don't always agree with your (or others) views but either just let it go or start an informed debate.
Ps Danand gwen, a lot of people (ladies in particular) find swearing offensive! :|
by danandgwen 05 Nov 2008, 11:46
Dear Veronica, sorry for not making myself clear.
I meant Forum members in general banging on about stray dogs.
carlnsharon, you must be very easily offended, if you were in a bar and a friend asked for a bloody mary, would you go to the bar and ask for a very red mary lol :shock:

Mavisehir (one day)
by carlnsharon 05 Nov 2008, 12:22
It all depends on the company :D .


Ps The bloody in bloody mary refers to the likeness of the drink to blood, its all about context. :geek:
by danandgwen 05 Nov 2008, 12:49
Talking about context, some of the dogs are bloody :P .
shalle call it quits now lol :lol:

Mavisehir (one day)
by tess 05 Nov 2008, 20:23
:D Hi Veronica and John, I thought it was a very good read and I for one enjoyed it, you have lived a very varied life and I enjoyed the story. Best wishes and thanks for sharing your views.
by leylaasena 05 Nov 2008, 23:29
Nice read, V.

One question - how come I didn't know about the jumble sale till I saw it in the paper?
I always try to support local causes- animal and human.
Why wasn't it advertised more widely beforehand?
I read both papers online each week and go to Chatty Chicks but didn't know anything about it.
( Damn- all those missed bargains !!!!)


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