Absolutely Altinkum's very own Columnist.
by collier 24 Apr 2009, 19:35
Veronica's Views
Absolutely Altinkum's very own Columnist

Used to enjoy reading Veronica's Views

Where's she gone???????????????

by Ronsgame 24 Apr 2009, 20:39
She has'nt really gone anywhere Debs. It's the stupid computer she uses. It takes half a day to type half a page now. She likes to type fast (used to type 100 w.p.m. and still goes like the clappers) but cannot, as her keyboard will not let her. It tends to come out gobble-de-gook, she is working on it though.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.
by Thelma 25 Apr 2009, 07:45
I have missed your column as well Veronica. I know how you feel about the fast typing. Luckily my keyboard is fine and I can rattle off emails etc. just like I did when I was working. I have always and shall always love my chosen career. My certificates, as I expect yours were, are all R.S.A. 120 wpm shorthand and Grade III Distinction Typing. Oh those were the days. :roll: :roll: :roll:

ImageThelma and RoyImageImageImageImageImage
by sharon and eric 25 Apr 2009, 11:58
Come on lasses stop showing off, you put my 4 wpm to shame. lol xxx

I love my computer, my friends live in it.
by Ronsgame 03 May 2009, 14:48
Sharon love, I should imagine you get more typing done in one go than I do with all my speed. This laptop just signed itself off!!!!!! Who invented these machines??


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.
by Big Red 17 Oct 2009, 14:15
I went to college to do typing and shorthand too, however couldnt get to grips with the shorthand and could actually write out full hand to a good level what they were saying so just perservered and did the typing course and did the pitmans shorthand too but without the squiggles and ticks!! eventually I was sussed but only when I handed in my notes some 6 weeks after the course had started, and got to a level of 60 wpm which full hand was exceptional but not what they were looking for. (mind you can talk faster than that)

reminds me of someone I worked with he needed a haircut and my other friend Kev had said that he would do it my friends son James said Kev you dont know how to cut hair Kev said Yes I do Ive been to college, James was impressed so got the chair and the clippers and the scissors the cape and sat down. Kev very carefully chopped off his hair then became quite spasmodic in his moves to cut the hair faster and faster he became more and more hair was taken off.

James sat there unpeturbed. Eventually Kev said thats it James and handed him the mirror.. James was mortified...his hair looked like a coconut with lumps out here and there. Kev thought you could cut hair, you told me you went to college....I did he said ....for catering....

It was so funny but felt for James...as had to have a skinhead and start again. Kx
by PJRichards 18 Oct 2009, 16:59
I used to do Pitman's too girls. I think its a dying art now though, They either use a dictaphone or 'guess'
BTW Veronica cant you get another UK ketboard to replace that one?
by PaulandKim 18 Oct 2009, 19:11
Yep get a Dictaphone Veronica (no rude jokes now) :roll: sure someone will type it up for you! Even me?
I love watching all the hunter peckers on their keyboards gasp when us touch typists can whizz away without even looking :lol: :lol:

Kim x
by goldengirl 18 Oct 2009, 19:22
Like Thelma, I did RSA typing. I still find I difficult to type things like addresses without punctuation - the modern way :roll: :D

by Ronsgame 18 Oct 2009, 20:54
When I was in my last year at school I had private shorthand and typing lessons. Never could get used to the shorthand but I COULD write it down, then others could read it back for me - absolutely pathetic wouldn't you say?

Unfortunately, when I lived in Southern Africa for nine years, the 'norm' was to have open-punctuation so, I just adapted to no commas at the end of a line in the address. Mind you, it still annoys me when you see a comma in place of an apostrophe, now THAT I think is very silly.

English these days has just gone to the Potteries, literally.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

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