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by Ronsgame 25 Oct 2009, 21:41
Is the Bus Shelter still there, built into the stone wall? At least you could not get wet as it was quite big. I remember when the shops were there, just around the corner on the way to Accrington. There was a chemists shop, a bread shop and a wool shop/ladies dresses among others. Rows of terraced houses were knocked down and I do know, they were quite nice homes. A couple, members of our Church, lived in one and it was very cosy. Is the Pub still there, the one on the corner?
I remember the Old Coach Road, is that still in existance? It led up to Union Road via a tunnel, which was very scary if one used it at night-time. At one time, the big house had their stables in this tunnel so, the stalls, that we still there, made it very ooooooooooohhhhhh.


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by rathmill 25 Oct 2009, 23:42
veronica the pub i think was called the commercial is still there although it has been derelict for some time
all the shops have been demolished
i am not too sure but i think the old coach road is now the entrance to a demolition yard
i grew up in oswaldtwistle i dont live there any more but i will check when i next go to my mothers in ossy
i am sure i have an old book about church with photos so will have a look in that

by Ronsgame 27 Oct 2009, 12:29
I always think it very funny - homes are demolished but the pubs remain. Wonder where the people are who are expected to use the pub!

The name 'The Coach Road' apparently came from the coaches from the big house traversing it. You used to be able to access the stables belonging to the big House via Foxhall Bank. Just past where the Empire Cinema was and next to a Bank, you turned left and went down the hill. Boy, I may have been a little chubbywub but you should have seen me move through the tunnel.

I used to go to Foxhall Grove Church and grew up in Spring Hill, so we would have been more or less 'neighbours'. Sorry everyone if we are boring you but it's nice to reminise.


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by carlnsharon 27 Oct 2009, 12:45

The coach road is still there but has seen better days, massive pot holes but still useable by car if very careful. It leads up to the row of terraced houses on their own with gardens behind them. The road leads from Union Road to Blackburn Road where the demolition company is and forks off after the bridge up to the terraces. Is it the Palladium you are thinking of (was it called the Empire?). It is derelict but still there.


They have just knocked down the row of derelict shops at Church traffic lights and landscaped the area. They have planted meadow 'weeds' on the land which look lovely in the summer and attract the wildlife.

The area has changed quite a bit over the last 10 years with the building of new estates and getting rid of some of the old buildings but it is looking tidier as some of the old buildings had been left in a sorry state of repair.

by Ronsgame 27 Oct 2009, 12:51
I always think it is a shame when people move and those houses (which are mostly structurally strong on the outside) are left to go derelict. I love wild flowers and the country-side but often wonder where the people are now. The people I spoke of from our Church would have died now. I was a teenager when I knew them but all the other younger families would have to go somewhere.
You are making me feel very homesick now but I honestly do not think I could ever go back and live there permanently again.


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by Ronsgame 27 Oct 2009, 13:04
The photograph of the Palladium Cinema has just popped up. God, I spent many happy hours as a child there, watching the old films and upon coming out, having to use a flash-light (Yup, that is what we called them in those days, not torch) to see where we were going. It was during the war and there were no street lights in operation. Think about a power cut in Didim - everwhere at night-time - and that is what it was like. At the entrance to the cinema there were three thick black curtains. I suppose it would be a little like going into a deep-sea sub, whilst still under water. This was so the light would not shine out into the street when we left. It's a good job we have memories otherwise I suppose people would just look at a derelict building and say, "Knock it down", not realising the happy people that had utilised it years ago. It was a Bingo Hall for sometime after it ceased to be a cinema.


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by carlnsharon 27 Oct 2009, 14:10
I live in hope that Oswaldtwistle Mills (only 50 yards away) will buy it and perhaps turn the old building into something new. Oswaldtwistle Mills is one local business which seems to be weathering the current financial storm. Hilden manufacturing has however just gone bust in the last year and it was only a last minute reprieve by a Yorkshire based company that has just saved Stockleys Sweets and the worlds biggest pear drop :).

You are better with your memories as the area is struggling at the moment.

by Ronsgame 27 Oct 2009, 14:17
John and I went back home for a visit (my daughter and a good friend live there) and took the car (from Dublin) and we visited the Ossy Mills. If I had been extremely rich I would have bought the entire stock. They have fabulous stuff. Actually, I am still using some of the purchases I made.


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by carlnsharon 27 Oct 2009, 14:39
The Hragreaves family have had the mill since it was a working cotton mill and have seen the economy go through many changes. They are fantastic business people and have safeguarded many hundereds of local jobs. They are currently in the middle of adding a large food hall and restaurant to promote local produce.


by Ronsgame 27 Oct 2009, 21:26
My stupid 'older' laptop is at it again. I DID type quite a bit and puff...... it's gone. There must be loads of unfinished e-mails floating around in space somewhere and mine are somewhere in the middle of it all.

What I did start with was: Carl, the other members must think we have this Thread just for ourselves, to reminise about Accrington and Oswaldtwistle. So? Tough, at last I have someone who knows where I am talking about and do you know.... it's nice.
I went back in time watching the video you posted for Ossy Mills. What wouldn't I give to go shopping there again. It's 11:20PM here and if John was not asleep, I think he would shake his head from side to side. He was slightly (slightly?????) shocked when we last went there. My credit card went into Cardiac Arrest!! Even the girls (yup, another girl came to help with the packing, there was so much stuff) were amazed. Well, one has to make sure one has EVERYTHING - within reason. Sorry to hear about the Stockley Sweets and glad at the same time that it was able to be saved. I love Pear Drops. Yum yum.
Didn't James Hargreaves build the Spinning Jenny in a building near the bottom of New Lane? Do Steiners still have works at Church and up New Lane? I remember the smell of Sulpur when passing both places, UGH, it was horrible.
I must stop now and get some sleep. 'Talk' again soon.


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