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by Ronsgame 08 Mar 2010, 11:02
I have been asked why I have not done any 'Viewing' for some time. Other things seem to take my time these days, or is it because as one gets older, time goes so quickly, there does not seem to be enough of it?

There IS something that has been on my mind for quite a long time now and that is the incredibly bad use of the English Language. If there was a questionnaire with "What is your pet Hate" I am afraid it would be this subject.

Amongst my many 'hates' the following rank foremost:-

Do people no longer know the difference between 'there' and 'their'?

'THERE' means over there or there is someone we know. 'THEIR' mean their house, their car. It makes it very hard for people who know the difference to understand what is being said by the writer.

'Where' means where are you going etc? 'Were' is used when one is saying "they were going to the market".

When showing possession of something NO COMMA is used. It is an apostrophe you must use (or an inverted comma) i.e., an upside down comma. For example, Mother's Shopping Basket and NOT Mother,s Shopping Basket. It is obvious that this is not correct, unless maybe you come from 'down-under'!!. Possession is shown by the use of an apostrophe. It's is never used, only to abbreviate 'It is'. Its connection is the correct way.

It is one thing to use 'open' punctuation but another thing (NOT think) to omit capitals. You have to use capitals to show nouns which have capitals. It does not make sense to say ill when you really mean I'll. It's a wonder that some people don't call for a doctor!! Please use English properly and then we can all enjoy reading the posts that are submitted on the Forum. Nouns start with a capital letter. Unless it is sheer laziness that makes people write, or type in lower case!! A Nouns is a name and a Verb is a doing word, what could be more simple?

Colloquialisms and Dialects are completely different. If something sounds correct, it does not mean it will be written that way. Phonetics can make two words seem the same but this is not necessarily the case. "A Rose by any other name does NOT apply in this case".

I after E is another one that really annoys me. There are exceptions but not many. Believe and Conceive. There IS a difference. If this had been taught correctly at school by the teacher AND if the child had taken notice of the lessons then all would be well. I could go on and on but I will not. I do know some people will be very caustic about this but, seeing that England is loosing almost everything it invented, mostly to America, then please let us keep a small piece of what once WAS England. The English Language is unique to England being composed mainly from Old Germanic, New Germanic and French. I think the Americans have a lot to answer for in the dilution of our original language. They say 'pled'. There is no such word in the English Language. It should be pleaded. We have bled but most certainly not pled. They do not want to use 'h' or 'u'. It is awful to hear Herbs called Erbs. People do not call men Erbert so why say Erb?

I remember once, watching Michael Barrymore on his quiz show. He was castigated by an elderly lady over using the word 'Kid'. She told him that a kid was a baby goat. America once again!! My last 'gripe' regarding words are the two words - era and error. The Americans (once again) pronounce these incorrectly. Era, (meaning a period of time) sounds like the double 'e' in see and and not the same as error. When you have double consonants, the vowel is shortened, thus, the word Error is like E..gg. If you are going to use English then it should be pronounced the English way.

Grammar is another point in question. To a lot of people I think that Grammar is another word for Grandma!!! News for these people - IT IS NOT!!

Bad Grammar just shows people up for what they are - illiterate. Sorry, I do not like to insult some people but I honestly do not even know they are in this category.

Just because it sounds correct does NOT mean it is. Phonetically it may sound the same but checking what you have written helps the rest of us understand what you are talking about. I have just left many posts sitting on the screen because they do not make sense when I try to read them. I know adults are not at school any more but I think some should be!! England had lots of wonderful inventions which, sadly are no longer with us. Other countries' citizens have taken them and now use them as if they invented these products themselves. Please do let not our Native Language go the same way. Let us keep SOMETHING which is English through and through.

Sorry to sound like a Schoolmistress but this is a sore point with me; as you may have guessed and, I believe there are many people who think the same way. I could go on and on but will not, as I suspect some people will find it very boring. Just one last plea - please do not think you are sending a text. If something is worth commenting on, it is worth writing correctly. You will most likely say - "I am not a typist", that's fine, so please type slowly and READ what you have done and that way we can all enjoy what you have contributed to the Forum.

I know we all make mistakes and that is fine, no one is perfect but please, do not do it deliberately or without knowledge aforethought, I beg of you.

As some of you know, I love watching television. At the moment over here in Turkey we have been having Coast and The Ship. It is over forty years since I lived in England full-time but these two programmes really made me proud when I watched them.

With Coast - I honestly did not realise there was so much about the United Kingdom I did not know. I will have to save up and buy the DVDs so I can learn even more. We always miss parts of programmes, even though we watch them with interest.

The Ship - well, what can I say, I think I must have been a Captain of a Galleon in a former life. I simply love them (it's the water surrounding them I have the problem with). When watching the Endeavour on the ocean, no matter how large the ship was, it looked so small compared with the size of the sea. The world must be enormous. Captain Cook and his crew were so brave. Nowadays we have maps to show us where we are going but in Cook's day it was hit and miss. In this modern-day programme there was a great sense of camaraderie and I am sure that some of the crew will remain friends for many years to come.

Why do young girls have to emulate these silly, television and film people with their dresses? The more money some people have, the less dress sense they seem to have.. I have seen some young girls, who would never be called rich but always look lovely in their clothes. They fit them beautifully and are pleasing to the eye. As Robert Burns was known to have said "Oh would the gift the Giftee gave us, to see ourselves as others see us". This could still apply today.

One thought that entered my mind the other day was, why do they not teach First Aid in Schools? If they taught children basic first-aid from around the age of eight then this could be beneficial in many ways. Children usually play in groups. If one child is hurt then, whilst someone is running for help (or even 'phoning for help on one of the many mobiles they seem to have at this age) someone could be applying aid, thus helping the injured child to survive. Just a thought!!

Watching (yes, still a four-eyed goggle-box watcher) Eastenders the other day, Bianca's Tiffany wanted a pink sugar mouse. It got me thinking, years ago we had all sorts of 'different' sweets. I am not advocating eat sugar mice but does anyone remember Sherbert? It used to be in a tube and you had a piece of hollow liquorice through which you 'sucked' the sherbert up. Oh boy, sometimes it used to go up your nose and make you sneeze. Then we had liquorice shapes. One was a pipe, so like Grandpa. Torpedoes in different colours. The red ones you could wet and use as a lipstick!!!! I did try this trick at school and a tittle-tattle boy told the teacher that I had lipstick on. Stupid Boy!! I sound a little like Captain Manwairing from Dad's Army, don't I?

One thing I think would be great to do, would be to dress up in one of those costumes - the ones like they have in Disneyland or somewhere similar. It would be perfect for someone like myself who, once upon a time, used to love to make a fool of herself when young. It does not matter who sees you when you are in disguise. I love it when those people run onto the football field during the intervals, great entertainment.

I must add this section onto the end of my 'Views' section. I heard about the earthquake in a village when I awoke this morning and must tell you I had a dream last night.....

Every night I dream but last night, the business with Oracle must have been on my mind plus something else. I can still recall the dream.
Our Villa was on a hill, with other villas behind us (no, in real life it is not). Opposite us was another Villa and this had disappeared into a big hole. People had been told by Oracle to pack all their possessions as quickly as possible. We did not know if we were to go into new homes or eventually return to our old ones. There was chaos everywhere. People with boxes and furniture going where, they did not know. This was the result of an Earthquake!!! As I said, this dream is still with me, which is unusual as I normally forget it by now. Just call me Alison Duboise.
I once dreamed about a big flood, I was on a ship and there was water everywhere, people trapped and drowning and when I when I turned on the news, there had been a flood disaster, water everywhere. Weird !! Or maybe it is just me that is weird.

There is no space for your comments on this subject, thank you very much.


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by Thelma 08 Mar 2010, 11:32
I will comment on your wise words Veronica. You know your English Language as I hope I do. We both obviously had secretarial positions before the age of the spell checker. I did get my GCE in English Language and then my R.S.A. Grade III Certificate in 120 w.p.m. Shorthand and the same for Typing. Not rusty on the typing but probably cannot go at 120 w.p.m. now but I do remember all the Shorthand symbols. Keep your comments coming please they make interesting reading.

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by Ronsgame 08 Mar 2010, 11:46
Thelma, the trouble with me is, I still type very quickly. Too quickly for my laptop which just gives up the ghost and sends the curser all over the place - usually into what I have just typed.
Now where IS that spellchecker we used to have on here, has she got another job somewhere else?


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by Thelma 08 Mar 2010, 11:57
Veronica I had forgotten we had a spellchecker on the Forum. Scottie just a joke, mind 'them' p's and q's or you will be sent to Teacher ;) ;) ;)

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by Ronsgame 08 Mar 2010, 11:59
MY, Scottie dear boy - MY. ME is for Me, Myself and I.

Our Spellchecker has gone on holiday on here, I think !! Ages ago, someone asked where it was and since then I have never looked for it. That does not mean I am perfect, I am not - just careful.


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by scottie 08 Mar 2010, 12:02
Thelma, I married a teacher and get naughty quite often!!!

by Ronsgame 08 Mar 2010, 12:09
Do you wear the Dunce's Cap as well as sitting in the corner Scottie??


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by scottie 08 Mar 2010, 12:11
I am the spellchecker in our house. Whilst at primary school we were given ten new words each day, to learn to spell and have maintained
that ability to this day. Up until I was fifteen, my first language was Gaidhlig, so perhaps my grasp of the English language would not merit any


no ,but I get the teacher to sit on my knee. He he he.
by Ronsgame 08 Mar 2010, 12:39
Funny you should say that Scottie. My John comes from Eire and did learn the Gallic when young. He has forgotten most of it now but your English should be fine.

You do realize you must go to the corner for talking like that about your teacher. :o :shock:
Great when we can have this camaraderie instead of 'bitching'.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

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