Absolutely Altinkum's very own Columnist.
by PJRichards 08 Feb 2012, 07:59
Exactly Tracey. As long as we understand what that person is trying to say, it doesnt matter that much.
My friend doesnt come on here anymore because someone pulled her up on her spelling.
BTW she has dyslexia. So thanks for that :?
by Ronsgame 09 Feb 2012, 13:34
As the title says "Veronica's Views' !!!!!!!! Anyway will not be putting anything else on here so you can all relax.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.
by judimoss 09 Feb 2012, 16:38
We should all be entitled to our views of course :)
I find it harder to read stuff where punctuation bit relaxed rather than spelling but hey ho, if its too hard to read I dont bother :)
Its true that not everyone call spell well ...I have a daughter who has dyslexia - when she was younger she had to have extra help with such a lot of her school work including spelling and it was hard for her. She has never let it stop her doing anything and hasnt used it as a reason to shy away from anything thats she'd like to try.

Take care
by Ronsgame 09 Feb 2012, 19:11
Going against my word not to put anything else on here... well., as people have said on here, no-one is perfect (but I do try). :lol: :lol: I DO understand that some people have problems but for the majority I suppose it must be "cannot be bothered".
I am like you Judi, if I cannot make sense of it I just pass it by and do not read it, which is really a waste because that is really what this Forum is all about, reading peoples' differing views and opinions, plus getting advice and help.

Enough said from me now.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.
by Bill H 09 Feb 2013, 12:37
Veronica, I must respond to your inference that no one is perfect, my wife continually says to me, and I quote, " oh, and I suppose that you are b****y perfect"
Oh, the burden that I have to carry.
by Thelma 09 Feb 2013, 13:22
Ronsgame wrote:
As someone said Veronica and Thelma would correct peoples' bad English but I have not seen Thelma on here for some time and I do hope she is in good health - also Roy, her husband.

I am still here Veronica. Thank you for your good wishes Roy is getting better every day thank goodness and I am still taking the pills waiting for this anxiety to leave me alone. My Doctor wants to see me in a month but I am getting better thank you. Carry on posting Veronica and please let us know if John is feeling better. I have been
reading on Facebook that you have been losing your electricity so do hope that it is not too bad. Take care both of you x

ImageThelma and RoyImageImageImageImageImage
by Ronsgame 09 Feb 2013, 16:42
Thanks you for your comments Thelma. John really is not very well these days, some times I have to go out for the shopping on my own which is rather strange as he loves shopping. (I think MOST men do but would never admit it!!!)
Very please that Roy is getting better each day, more power to his elbow - as they say.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.
by Ronsgame 09 Feb 2013, 16:44
Sorry Bill, forgot to answer your little quip. Your wife is right, I always thought that all men were perfect, well, that was until I got married then I found out!! ;) ;)


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.

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