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by turkeystew 10 Jan 2011, 21:23
I've noticed a lot of people making little mistakes when writing English and these mistakes seem to have caught on and occur regularly. A couple of examples of this that I seem to see most often are :

1) writing the word 'brought' where the word 'bought' should be used and

2) writing the word 'quite' when 'quiet' should be used or vice versa.

I don't know if its maybe just regional accents playing a part in affecting the way that people write these words. Maybe people from certain areas of the country are writing in their own regional accents or maybe its just nowadays on forums, chat rooms, facebook and messenger its become the norm to write in an informal way. The strange thing about our language is that making these tiny mistakes such as shuffling a couple of letters around or throwing in a random 'r' can completely change the context of the sentence entirely.

Stewart :)
by Keith 10 Jan 2011, 23:29
Well spotted Stewart. I've also noticed a couple. Members using 'of' when they should use 'have' and 'there' when it should be 'their'.

by davido 10 Jan 2011, 23:34
Caz sed sed shes got sum bout aint got round to puttin dem on ere yet x
the above quote is from my daughters friend on facebook. very worrying for the following generation :o :o
by turkeystew 11 Jan 2011, 13:15
I remember years ago. I was a retail manager and whenever I needed staff and had a pile of job applications I would simply go through them all with a fine tooth comb and scrutinise the applicants spelling and grammar first and foremost. If there were any errors within the form the applicants simply would not get an interview and not be considered for the position. I felt that if the prospective candidate was really keen on getting the job then they would ensure that their initial application was nothing short of perfect when it came to the basics of grammar and spelling.

I don't think nowadays I would have that luxury when it came to windling down the applicants for an interview as I would imagine not one of the forms would be perfect.

Listen to me, don't I sound old. I'm only 33 (just) :P
by Dibs 11 Jan 2011, 13:20
Or maybe just some of us feel so pationate about the threads that we type faster than our brains are working he he he
by steve zeus 29 Jan 2011, 12:56
Another word which sometimes is written out of context, is the difference between, affect and effect, definition of affect being, if something affects a person or thing, it influences them or causes them to change in some way. Where as the effect of one thing on another, is the change that the first thing causes in the second thing .Both words are very close, but so different.

Steve & Maxine.
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by Ronsgame 29 Jan 2011, 13:22
Dibs - I love reading your Posts but..... the correct way to spell Pationate is Passionate.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.
by Bill H 25 Jan 2012, 19:24

It does bug me sometimes when I read a post that is not gramatically correct. But you ladies always step in and point out the errors.
It is not that the contributors are neccessarily wrong, but most likely that our leaders, over a period of time, have chosen to accept the bastardisaton of our wonderful language.
Keep up the good work.

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