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by Ronsgame 13 Nov 2013, 20:08
John and I bought a Gas Heater with the twin electric bars about five years ago. Up to last Winter, it was fine. This time, new gas bottle inserted by the master but, when he tried to ignite it, nought!!!!! Not a sound from the little button. We have to light it at the bottom of the panels at the front. Not much of a problem I hear you say but...... here is the problem and not really a little one. There is an awful smell of gas. :( and, as we do not fancy falling asleep and awakening up on the other side of wherever. is there anyone who may know where we could get this fixed and if so, could they please let us know?

The fire is called SUNLER and we bought it here in Altinkum. The guarantee is out by now by the way.

Any help would be appreciate as John is not really in any state to do anything himself these days, healthwise.



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by Ronnie 13 Nov 2013, 21:53
The problem with igniter is the electronic piezo igniter basically it apiece of quartz that causes spark when spring loaded button is pressed. The do fail after time. The smell of gas may be caused by the bottle connector, rubber diaphragm inside tends to perish replace it and the connector pipe maybe 25 lira. Test all your joints with warm water with washing up liquid in it and a paint brush to apply, bubbles means you've got a leak. Sorry not sure if I would try and repair much more than I have suggested personally I don't trust these type of fires. As you rightly said you don't want to fall asleep with one of these and certainly never ever use without a carbon monoxide detector. Sorry not probably helped much with your repair idea.
by Juco 13 Nov 2013, 22:38
I think Ronnie offers good advice in checking for leaks, but you must get it checked asap by someone who knows what they are doing, in the meantime turn everything OFF when not in use.

Is the gas smell there when it is not being used? Personally I would not have it in the house if I could smell gas.
It is probably a simple fix but unless you know what you are doing it can be a very dangerous situation.

Be careful.

by Ronsgame 14 Nov 2013, 20:35
Thank you both for your advice. We are using the Electric Bars (eek, the cost of electric!!) at the moment. There is no smell when it is turned off. I will ask John if he can do what Ronnie suggests.

I have just noticed the heading on this Topic. This laptop jumps around when I am typing and it should have read Can Anyone Help, NOT Can Any..........One Help. Sorry. (sorted, Juco)


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by Juco 14 Nov 2013, 21:29
Yes please check with the soapy water but make sure the electric bars are OFF. Check the connection at the gas bottle and the connection at the heater end...Any bubbles will indicate a leak, Do you remember checking punctured bicycle tyres in a tub of water? same principle. Until you are satisfied that it is repaired I wouldnt use the gas part of it, its not worth the risk.

Whoever supplies your gas bottle is likely to be able to replace the hose, which I would do as a matter of course, as Ronnie said they do perish and more so with the heat of a Turkish summer and the heat radiating from the fire.

Electric is expensive but cheaper than life.


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