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by Ronsgame 21 Nov 2013, 14:46
Is there anyone out there who lives in the Efeler Mah area who lives here permanently and has Digiturk Television? We are having problems with certain stations. BBC - Euronews - Style and a couple of others. During the holiday season, the reception was perfect, having been crap during the off-season (cold weather, no visitors time). We thought (stupidly) that the reception would stay the same when the holiday season ended. Silly us !!!!! It is dreadful on these channels. I tried to explain (in vain) to the man at Digiturk but he did not understand what I was TRYING to say. We do not need the technician to come out as it was alright for six months so there is nothing wrong with the dish. Six months bad then six months good now, six months bad again.
John wondered if there was anyone else who has had this problem and, if so, could you please tell us what you did?

Finger's crossed.



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by colinA1 21 Nov 2013, 14:56
Sorry can't help V, don't have Digiturk.


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by Lyn 22 Nov 2013, 07:53
Same here sorry. We got rid of Digiturk a long time ago as it was nothing but repeats etc. but good luck with finding an answer (have you got a Turkish friend/neighbour who speaks English and would go along to the shop with you to explain the problem).

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by Ronsgame 22 Nov 2013, 13:49
Thanks for your help but I have to telephone them and, even though I press 9 for English speaking it is a nightmare to get them to understand me AND I speak slowly for them. We have had Digiturk for almost ten years now. First, we had direct debit with our credit card then, without warning they changed it to me having to phone them every month. If they send texts these are always in Turkish so I don't understand. Now I have been told I have to go into my bank here in Didim to pay from there. Yee Gods!!!! Which systems do you both use? I do watch English T.V. on my tablet but, we cannot both watch at the same time. :D Also,, if I watch it in bed then I sometimes fall asleep and almost drop it on to the floor. A little silly really! xxxx


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by Scooby-Snack 28 Nov 2013, 14:21
Not in your area (live in Altinkum), however I had the same problem not so long ago losing some channels etc. Been with Digiturk for ten years. I rang the number and pressed 9, they understood English OK. Explained lost channels and they sent out an engineer, no charge. Took 2 days of waiting but well worth the wait. The engineer changed the box to a new version and I have had no problems since. Plus the new box is HDMI which means I am able to run other things through the Digibox onto the TV. Hope this helps.
by Ronsgame 01 Dec 2013, 20:15
I tried telephone Digiturk again to see if I could pay over the telephone and, walla .... the girl took my details. What the other eegit (Irish for Idiot) was talking about I do not know. I have noticed two more grey hairs since. ;)


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