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by danandgwen 28 Feb 2009, 17:40
I have just sent an e mail to the Turkish embassy in London asking for guidence on owning a boat in Turkey re taxes.
I will post the response if and when I recieve one. ;)

Mavisehir (one day)
by Pete Jones 28 Feb 2009, 18:12
My understanding is that if you bring a boat into the country they treat it the same as a car and stamp it in your passport and you are not allowed to keep it in the country for more than 6 months.Also you are not allowed to leave the country without it,so if you want to fly home you have to take it to the Customs in Izmir and leave it in their compound and they mark your passport so you can fly out.
As with cars,they make it that difficult and expensive to bring something into the country you give up and buy here.
by steve zeus 28 Feb 2009, 18:58
Hi Pete,
Am I right in thinking that if I am not resident, which I am not, I would still be able to buy a boat in Altinkum,and not then have to take it to Izmir customs on my return to the U.K. I have a 90hp Mariner E.L.P.TO. on my Shetland Family Four in the u.k, it would seems I would be bankrupt if I brought it over,we do intend at some stage to move there for good but not at this present time.....it seems to me that the best way forward when the time comes is to sell everything in the U.K. and start again from scratch, I did my RYA about 30 yrs ago, does that also count in Altinkum?
Steve & Max.

Also Danny,
Looking forward to your reply from the London Turkish Office, perhaps when every-thing is examined they may try and make things more easy for us buying boats, cars etc....they did make the process of property easier over the last few years, so who knows what will happen next.

Steve & Maxine.
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by WeLoveAltinkum 28 Feb 2009, 21:31
MMmmmmm! I thought it maight be complicated! Any more information gratefully received. Thanks to all for the information.
by valhaler 01 Mar 2009, 14:42
Hi Pete

You are right about bringing a boat into Turkey regarding having your passport stamped and it only being allowed to be here for six months the same as a car. The answer to your earlier question is all boats in Didim have to be registered at Gulluk main harbour office. which is near to bodrum airport. Sorry for the delay in replying but we have no electricity in Altinkum for nearly two days. hope this helps.

Alan & Chez
by valhaler 01 Mar 2009, 15:03
Hi Steve

Sorry for the delay in the reply we have had no electric for nearly two days. Buying and owning a boat in Turkey is pretty much simular to buying and owning a car. you need to have a residency permit. I had a 29mtr Bayliner in the uk and as we drove here in 3.5t van I wanted to bring the boat but with the cost of import duty and the yearly tax fees it would'nt have been worth me bringing it here. So I sold the boat in the uk and bought one here, which is quite a simple process really loads of paper work involved though!

You can do this two ways, you can buy the the boat and register it at Gulluk on a turkish flag, and then you pay the annual tax fees depending on engine size to Gulluk harbour office, But what I did is to buy the boat and register it on an american flag, to do this you have to purchase an (american company at a cost of around 2000 us dollars) and this way the company owns the boat. If done this way because the vessel is own by an american company you don't pay any tax at all to the Turkish government. So no matter what the engine size is all you pay is the company registration fees. Even the turkish with big boats do it this way to save on paying extortionate taxes. The only thing with this as well is that you have sail the boat out of turkish waters once every htree years and have your transit log filled in and stamped by say the greek authorities, then everything is fine and legal as well. I only know all this because I have actuallly been through all the processes. But as for bringing your boat from the uk not a good idea. Hope you find this useful.

Alan & Chez
by valhaler 01 Mar 2009, 16:47
Hi Steve

Forgot to mention in my reply, that you say you have an RYA licence. that will be fine in Turkey. Anyone who takes a boat out needs a boat licence of some kind either RYA or british water sky federation any of these is sufficient for turkey. The coast guard are out all the time and the first thing they ask you for is your boat licence then boat papers, In the uk a boat licence is not compulsary but here in Turkey its a must. They do courses here but as they are turkish run they are all in turkish, tis better to get one in the uk and if it RYA then through them you can get your ICC at no extra cost.

Alan & Chez
by Kelchocolate 08 Mar 2009, 17:14
valhaler wrote:Hi Steve

I had a 29mtr Bayliner in the uk and as we drove here in 3.5t van I wanted to bring the boat but with the cost of import duty and the yearly tax fees it would'nt have been worth me


Hey Alan, the mind boggles at the sight of a 3.5 ton van pulling a 29mtr(95ft) boat. Now that would be a photo!!!
Joking apart, we will be over in April, and Geoff my husband said to tell you that he,s looking forward to meeting up with you. We have a 12mtr steel motor/sailer which we want to sail over from the UK to keep in Turkey as we are living there full time now. (just on a short uk break now)
by Bugsy 08 Mar 2009, 19:03
My partner is looking to buying a small fishing boat here, for possibly 6 people, with a canopy for shade for the kids, does anyone have any idea how much a boat like this would cost, and where we could moor it? Akbuk would be good for us!
Anyone got any experience of actually mooring a boat in Altinkum/Akbuk/etc. ????
by danandgwen 09 Mar 2009, 20:10
Hiya Sandra, If you do your homework and look at the boat brokers you should get a 7mr boat with a 95hp outboard for around 7/9k. hope this helps a little

Mavisehir (one day)

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