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by leylaasena 10 Mar 2009, 21:22
valhaler wrote:Hi Steve

Forgot to mention in my reply, that you say you have an RYA licence. that will be fine in Turkey. Anyone who takes a boat out needs a boat licence of some kind either RYA or british water sky federation any of these is sufficient for turkey. The coast guard are out all the time and the first thing they ask you for is your boat licence then boat papers, In the uk a boat licence is not compulsary but here in Turkey its a must. They do courses here but as they are turkish run they are all in turkish, tis better to get one in the uk and if it RYA then through them you can get your ICC at no extra cost.

You can do your RYA ICC in Marmaris in English with Gökova Yachting or Yüksel Yachting.

by leylaasena 10 Mar 2009, 21:27
Kelchocolate wrote:
valhaler wrote:Hi Steve

I had a 29mtr Bayliner in the uk and as we drove here in 3.5t van I wanted to bring the boat but with the cost of import duty and the yearly tax fees it would'nt have been worth me


Hey Alan, the mind boggles at the sight of a 3.5 ton van pulling a 29mtr(95ft) boat. Now that would be a photo!!!
Joking apart, we will be over in April, and Geoff my husband said to tell you that he,s looking forward to meeting up with you. We have a 12mtr steel motor/sailer which we want to sail over from the UK to keep in Turkey as we are living there full time now. (just on a short uk break now)

Hi Jules
If you sail your boat into Turkey- rather than try to import it -you can keep it here,in Turkish waters, for 5 years.
Then sail it out for a day and bring it back for another 5 years- and so on and so on.

No tax, no nothing - just marina fees.

by Kelchocolate 12 Mar 2009, 16:16
Spot on Bev,thanks for that. We've just been speaking to one of Geoff's friend's who bought a boat which is moored in a Turkish marina and he told us exactly what you just said.
See you next month :) .
by leylaasena 12 Mar 2009, 23:53
Look forward to seeing you too.

by cozy3pilot 13 Mar 2009, 10:26
The Owner Barry (i think he is anyway) of the Castle Inn in Akbuk is selling his boat.
It is fairly new and has all the usual ie:- fish finder satnav etc
I offered to buy a share in it, and if we can find another 3 or 4 people then it would be viable.
it is moored in akbuk harbour. Good fishing in the harbour bass,bream,barracuda etc
I think the asking price for an outright sale is around 40,000.00 ytl.
It makes sense to have shares as all the costs are devided and you will find that there is seldom conflict among shareholders.(the system works well in the uk with aircraft owners)
hope this helps
e-mail me if you are interested in a share, the more the merrier!
by valhaler 13 Mar 2009, 21:13
Hi Geoff & Jules

Regarding your reply to my earlier post, I'm terribly sorry but I made a
typing error,the boat was 29ft and not 29mts, thanks for pointing this out
once again sorry for the mistake and looking forward to meeting you.

Alan & Chez
by chameleon 13 Mar 2009, 23:16
I work for boat builders in Rochdale Lancs
we export boats all over the world, if you think we can be of assistance, please contact us;

by Kelchocolate 15 Mar 2009, 15:13
looking forwarding to meeting you too :) .
by Geoff and Liz 28 Mar 2009, 22:32
I too am very interested in takeing a boat to Altinkum (probably next year), I would be grateful for any posts on experiences gained and where to go for the turkish 'log book' etc.
Does any one know the mooring costs for the new marina?
by leylaasena 29 Mar 2009, 20:59
A friend been quoted about 300ytl a month for a 10.5 -ish metre yacht.
That's with a discount for the first year - get 15 months for the price of 12.

The prices should be on the website now.They're taking bookings


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