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by john9001 06 Aug 2009, 11:27
leylaasena wrote:Anyone know anything about this boat that was in our bay today ??

It looks like The Wind Star or Wind Spirit, luxury cruise ships operated by Windstar Cruises, more here.

by Moira 06 Aug 2009, 12:43
Is it a boat? is it a yacht? is it a ship? I could be wrong but as far as I know boats don't have sails. Whatever it is ..I wish I was on it!!!

by Moira 06 Aug 2009, 20:03
T'would have to be some mega-sized ship to fit that particular boat/yacht on it's deck!!!? ;) ;) Nothing less than a super tanker would be needed and, even at that, trying to lash it down properly would be a nightmare! :roll: :roll: Still, she's a beauty and it's heartening to know she stopped off/paused for an hour or two off the coast of Altinkum.


by sunnyshine 06 Aug 2009, 20:33
on the Windstar website it seems it is on a cruise from Istanbul to Athens in Greece its in Kusadasi on Sat. It looks pure luxury and at $2,400 a 7 day cruise i would expect nothing but luxury, how the other half live :o
by mikem 06 Aug 2009, 20:58
I think this is Windstar Cruises' "Windsurf" ship that has just started cruising Istanbul - Athens from the start of August


"At nearly three times the size of her sister ships, the Wind Surf carries just 312 pampered guests in 154 total staterooms: 31 ocean-view suites, 2 Bridge Suites and 123 deluxe ocean-view staterooms."

- Nice!

Mike :D

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