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by largrangegdns 08 Nov 2009, 20:03
Has anybody ever done a gulet cruise and is so can you recommend a good company to book with?

Apollon Holiday Village
by JJH 08 Nov 2009, 20:12
Haven't been on a Gulet Cruise but heard very good reports, all inclusive
get all meals cooked for you and different location every day. My Sisters
Sister in Law got married on a Gulet and she said it was wonderful. You have to think
if you are going on one there will be a few more couples on board and that you would
have to get on with the other people if you don't you have to put up with it.
Would like to try one too, suppose if you were going with Friends it would make a difference.
by largrangegdns 08 Nov 2009, 20:39
Keith, Ooops I seem to have put this in the wrong place, think it should be in General Info but I don't know how to move it. Sorry

Moved to this section in line with the 'nautical' theme! lol

Apollon Holiday Village
by Clyde 01 Jul 2011, 15:41
Just to revive this one, has anyone got any info re gulet cruises ?
by largrangegdns 01 Jul 2011, 17:07
Never did one yet. Still hope to one day though.

Apollon Holiday Village
by helendaniel 01 Jul 2011, 21:17
Heard that Tafy has bought a gulet/boat for private hire. Unsure on price.
The best i have heard of was in Kusadassi going round the Greek Isles. I also know Captain Ahab runs a beautiful Gulet out of Bodrum, Greek Isles 5 Days last i heard was £200 per person all inclusive.Sorry do not have a contact number but the guys in the harbour know him so they may.
by Joy and Kevin 01 Jul 2011, 21:45
We also fancy doing a gulet cruise, stay in the apartment for a few days, then pick the gulet up in bodrum or kusadasi, Island hop full board for 7 days, then a few days back at the apartment before flying back to the UK. Ideal holiday, can't wait to do that next year I think!!!

Joy & Kev

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