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by arthurcalland 21 Mar 2010, 17:35
Hi, do any of the members keep a small boat. When I find a place to live, it would be nice to buy a small boat and find somewhere to keep it. D-Marin (the big marina) has minmum charges that are for a 32' boat (ie. beyond my means). There must be little harbours or sheltered coves that can be utilised for a nominal fee. In fact, I read somewhere, perhaps here, that an ex-pat had free moorings at Mevisehir, just north of Altimkum.

Any help, advice and guideance would be greatly appreciated.



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by danandgwen 21 Mar 2010, 17:57
Hello Arthur, we have free moorings at Mavisehir :D .
all you have to do is, sort out your anchorage put a float on it and it is your mooring :) not sure how much longer it will last ;).

Mavisehir (one day)
by Jeff and Chris 21 Mar 2010, 18:15
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Hi Dan,What size boat do you have? and do you keep it in the water through the winter ?? Interesting to know about free moorings though .thanks Jeff
by danandgwen 21 Mar 2010, 18:43
Hiya Jeff, I dont have a boat yet, waiting till we sell here and move to Mavisehir :)
four friends have boats, from 4 to 7mtrs.
I would recomend taking it out of the water during the winter storms, Mavisehir takes the full brunt of the onshore wind.

Mavisehir (one day)
by Jeff and Chris 21 Mar 2010, 21:44
Hey Dan.likewise,would like to do the same,when we sell up.Just gone on the market now. Lets see !! Thanks Jeff/Chris
by danandgwen 22 Mar 2010, 08:57
Ours has been up for 2yrs Jeff :( just starting to get some interest :)
lets just hope it goes this year

Mavisehir (one day)
by arthurcalland 22 Mar 2010, 20:19
Thanks Danny,

I am thrilled to hear from you. Thank you very much for your help.

That moorind at Mavisehir is very similar to the arangement we have at home. but we usually bury something heavy, attached to a chain.

In Mavisehir do people usually find there own weights or is it better to buy anchors?

I have been scouring the net for a small cheap off-shore cruiser in Turkey, but the brokers do not seem to keep them on their books. Is it easy to find small sail boats (17-25ft) and are the prices reasonable (1-7,000 GBP)?

Many thanks and best wishes

by danandgwen 22 Mar 2010, 21:19
Hiya Arthur
A lot of the Turkish boat owners buy a plastic rubbish bin fill it with concrete and get one of the other boat owners to drop it in place attached to a chain and float,
dont bother with the net to find a boat, talk to the locals and get a Turk you trust ;)
it tends to work out at about 1K a meter depending what you want :)
I will e mail a mate who owns a 40ft sail boat and ask him if he can help you :)

Mavisehir (one day)
by Jeff and Chris 22 Mar 2010, 22:52
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Hey Dan,either you have had too much red Wine,Or I have .I am seeing posts in Quadruple ???? Or is your mates boat 160 feet Ha Ha Cheers for now Jeff/Chris
by Beldibi 22 Mar 2010, 23:06
Just a point, if your permanent mooring is not a registered marina, your insurance will not cover you.


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