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by steve zeus 04 Feb 2011, 18:54
Thank God it's all changed, because it was a night-mare last time I checked .I did all the courses over 25 years agol.o.l. but getting our boat to Turkey was a different matter. :roll:

Steve & Maxine.
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by danandgwen 05 Feb 2011, 20:08
I spoke to a Turkish friend last night, and he said that any foreigner that has an engine on a boat still needs an R.Y.A. powerboat level 2 licence !
Even if he is wrong, it is worth having as you learn a hell of a lot ;) plus it may not be Turkish boarder control that stop your boat it could be a Greek vessel, I don't have a lot of faith in either Greek or Turkish S+R (search and rescue) so I will ensure that I have the correct equipment on board, eg flares/life jackets/drinking water or beer lol, its a big playground out there, and a big place for S+R to locate you or your boat :o

Mavisehir (one day)

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