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by danandgwen 23 Mar 2010, 08:53
Is that in the UK/EU David or Turkey?, coz my friends have insurance cover for their boats at Mavisehir ;)

Mavisehir (one day)
by Beldibi 23 Mar 2010, 15:49
That is in Turkey. I am insured with AK Sigorta. i assume that it is a standard policy. You are covered for trips/casual anchoring etc., but your main moorings must be in a recognised marina.

by danandgwen 23 Mar 2010, 16:07
Thanks for that David ;) I will just have to say that I casualy anchor at Mavisehir lol, the rest of the time its on a trailer :D

Mavisehir (one day)
by Beldibi 23 Mar 2010, 16:16
Sorry, different types of boats. Mine is a 12 metre Turkish wooden boat, weighing approx. 6.5 tons.
It is designed to stay in the water, a trailered boat`s insurance would be different. So you are probably fine.

by danandgwen 23 Mar 2010, 16:47
I only want a powerboat somthing about 5/6 mtrs to poodle along the coast and get to know the best fishing spots :) as far as Bodrum or the other way up past Kusadsi :)
A friend of ours from Mavisehir, Peter Holmes moors his boat (same size as yours) at Marmaris.
he had one hear but it broke its mooring in a storm and was washed up, he had it fixed and sold it.

Mavisehir (one day)
by arthurcalland 23 Mar 2010, 20:12
I phoned my insurance today for a guide price on a 7,000 GBP boat in Turkey. (I use them because they do not insist on a survey.) The under-writer said about 250 GBP per annum and I could use a swinging mooring, but would probably have to bring the vessel ashore when I return to uk. That would be ok. What do the local companies charge?
by leylaasena 23 Mar 2010, 20:34
We have a 7.5 meter yacht here moored at private moorings on our estate but not in a marina.
We are insured thru Güneş Sigorta and paid 700 ish tl for the year.

by Beldibi 23 Mar 2010, 21:49
I pay about 850tl per annum. A surveyor does come to the boat, at each renewal. But it is not like an U.K. survey. They basically check it`s seaworthiness, check the bits on the boat, gps etc., and value it.
In Marmaris, a one year contract, on the council moorings, in front of all the restaurants, is 750tl.
No money compared to the U.K., plus there are electric and water hookups.

by arthurcalland 24 Mar 2010, 11:48
Thanks David for that info about Marmaris.

You wrote:-

'In Marmaris, a one year contract, on the council moorings, in front of all the restaurants, is 750tl.'

Could a newcomer like me get a mooring there, or is there a waiting list, and is that for the full year or just a number of weeks? In some UK towns they charge say... £350 but that is just for a 13-20 week season.

Is the mooring fee based on the size of the boat, and please tell me what happens in the winter? Do you take the boat out of the water, and pay a boatyard?

Please forgive all the questions, but it is lovely to find someone who has a good solution to many of my problems.

Thanks very much David.

best wishes,

by arthurcalland 24 Mar 2010, 11:56
Hi Bev,

Thanks for that input. Can I get a private mooring, or do they cost megabucks?

Some boatyards in the UK offer private moorings/berths and can be quite reasonable, but other places you have to buy the mansion to get the mooring.

Thanks Bev and best wishes,


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