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by rickyhunter 30 Jun 2012, 08:44
Hi All, I have just been looking through posts, getting my mind ready for this years family hols, (3 weeks 27th July-), just like to add that the clan and I, go on a boat trip when we are over. We have a place in Mavisheir and we have used Ayfer and her boat 'Sunshine'. Family run boat, not too noisy, pick up from Royal Blue restaurant and drop-off afterwards to same place. Lovely lunch, usually chicken, salad & bread, really clean and prices for on board alcohol, ice creams etc. very reasonable. All this for £10 per head, highly recommended. :D

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by pollyg 30 Jun 2012, 20:50
we loveved siesta also. everything good loos spotless. my grandaughter was lukcky enough to get a free speed boat ride/ only cause it was early season and there was only a few on board but it was lovely will do again
by summertime 30 Jun 2012, 21:55
Went on the Siesta Boat in May, I loved it. The nicest boat trip I have done in Altinkum.

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