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by jue 05 Sep 2011, 12:09
Well what can I say, this is something new and fun and a change from the norm. We set sail around 10.30 and sailed a few hundred yards out where the boat dropped anchor. The music was supplied by DJ Sinan and around 11-30 Christine did an array of mixed songs Amy Whinehouse,Barry White, Diana Ross, Candy Statton etc etc ,thanks to fellow A.Aers Sue (Water) and Mary for being danceing buddies (what movers ) ha ha ha,.i Thought it would get cool out at sea but no....it was just nice and the boat only had the occasional sway !!!! or perhaps it was the wine takeing effect. Anyhow cant wait for the next one and was worth 15 lira of anybodys money. We docked around 2 ish and we made some great friends. Have to say after all that dancing my body has given up the ghost today but.........worth every aching muscle I can tell you, and even HIM INDOORS enjoyed it.....now thats a 1st !!!. jue x :D
by PJRichards 05 Sep 2011, 12:54
Sounds great just for a change..........Let us know if there is another one in the next 3 weeks. :lol:
by fusspots 05 Sep 2011, 15:42
We were Sat at Pinocchio's Looking at the boat, it looked like it had got a glass bottom too, WE (6) of us all thought what a refreshing Change...
by jue 05 Sep 2011, 15:47
Think the next one is the 18th ??? but will find out.....no we were not fed but next year there maybe the option to do that. The boat was My Arkadas (My Friend ) in English. It wasnt a glass bottomed boat but you would have seen us from Pinnochio's .............the view was great from the boat looking at the prom all lit up. jue x
by steve zeus 05 Sep 2011, 15:58
Good venue for a Forum Meet Jue l.o.l

Steve & Maxine.
"Zeus Heights"

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"
"gunesteki yerimizi seviyoruz."
by jue 05 Sep 2011, 18:05
Just read Christines facebook and the next one is the 11th sunday. jue x
by water 05 Sep 2011, 18:09
Yes it was a great night, great music and great company, something a bit different from the norm.
by largrangegdns 05 Sep 2011, 20:02
Where can you book this from. We arrive with friends early hours of the 11th so would be a good first night out, if we are not too tired!

Apollon Holiday Village
by jue 05 Sep 2011, 20:11
If you make your way to the harbour and you will see the boat lit up, it sets sail around 10.30pm so get there around 10 pm and am sure you can just get a ticket and get on. jue x

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