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by Barbarab 05 Sep 2011, 20:31
Oh I wish I had been there Jue :lol: Christine's emails were full of the last trip being a success plus her organising this one and I'm not there :( by the time I get there October they will have stopped :( my friends Martin & Julie were there last night :lol: so glad you all had a great night :D

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by jue 05 Sep 2011, 20:51
It was really good and we are going to the next one, just hope the weather is calm as it was last night. jue x
by phillanddi 06 Sep 2011, 00:46
just seen the pics on facebook looks like a good time was had by all ;)

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by Dibs 06 Sep 2011, 07:20
It was great fun and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves..... Really enjoyed myself and my friends did too we will definately be getting tickets again.
by Jeff and Chris 06 Sep 2011, 18:04
jue wrote:Just read Christines facebook and the next one is the 11th sunday. jue x

Hi Jue, Do you have the Facebook link for Christine please ? Jeff
by jue 08 Sep 2011, 16:05
Hope you got in touch with Christine Jeff !!! if so will see you along with all the others Sunday night.........here's to another good time. jue x :D
by siobhan 09 Sep 2011, 22:43
Not happy>Dont arrive till midnight on the 11th so too late will miss what sounds like a great night out. Maybe I'll swim out and meet you all.lol
by steve zeus 10 Sep 2011, 09:32
I think it would be a good idea to charter her for a AA forum trip, would definatley be different, anyone agree?...It's too late now for this season, but I will find out about a trip out on her for next season if we get the interest.

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