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by leylaasena 18 Dec 2011, 19:24
I'm pleased to say that I took Amateur Captains Licence exam (in Turkish!!!) yesterday in Kuşadası and passed.

That's not a bad achievement in itself but to manage it the night after the Chatty Chicks Xmas party and all that free wine was not much short of miraculous !!!!!

by steve zeus 18 Dec 2011, 19:25
Congrats Bev, & well done! :D

Steve & Maxine.
"Zeus Heights"

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by jue 18 Dec 2011, 19:28
Wow well done you !!! . jue x
by Bubbles 18 Dec 2011, 19:29
congratulations and very well done, in Turkish eh !!! brilliant :P :P :P

by puwer98 18 Dec 2011, 19:30
Ahoy skipper

Moved back to UK on 6th July 2013 after 5 years and a half years.
by franny 18 Dec 2011, 19:30
well done bev.
will you be doing a vhf radio and a coastal skipper course. we do lots of water courses where i work and i always admire the women who are on them. i need to come out of my comfort zone, but class myself as too old at 59 to learn anything. i think i would forget too much of the info given.
by Ann 18 Dec 2011, 21:30
Congratulations Bev. There's no stopping you now. Go girl. ;)

by Dona 18 Dec 2011, 21:42
Well done one of our friends has just passed his last exams and been to the BVI for a fortnight sailing lovely
by sootypaws 18 Dec 2011, 22:09
Another well done Bev.

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