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by rosal 07 Aug 2012, 19:44
We have been thinking about buying a small boat, just to travel around the local coastline and do some fishing. Does anyone have any up to date advice on what we should be looking for and guidelines for operating a small boat? Also, is there anyone in Altinkum / Yesilkent that deals in selling small craft.
by Bugsy 08 Aug 2012, 08:11
If you do buy a boat, make sure it is under 5m so that you do not have to have an official boating licence. (I believe this is still the law!!)

Also, make sure the paperwork is in the sellers name and that they go with you to the local port (Kusadasi/Gulluk) to have the boat transferred into your name before/when you part with your money.
The boat will have a log book, a bit like ownership of a car and without this, you can run into a lot of problems.

Also, think about where you will keep the boat as some of the small harbours charge fees (i.e. Akbuk)

It will depend what sort of boat you are looking for, I have one friend who bought his from Didim Marin which is behind the factory outlets on the Akbuk/Didim road (where Emin Auto/Efes Factory are). And, another friend bought his privately from a site called sahibinden.com, but he had to drive out way past Izmir to pick it up and drive it back.

PS. There is a speed boat with fish-finder for sale on the FB For Sale/Swap or Wanted page for 12,000tl (£4300) and both my friends paid approx. this for their speed boats which were similar.
We bought ours from an English person and still do not have the paperwork, but we can apparently get it sorted at Kusadasi for a 1000tl back-hander!!

Good luck in your boat hunting.
by altinkum kev 08 Aug 2012, 11:23
Registering a boat here is the only thing that i know is free and easy to do all done in 30 mins ,bought mine from Sahibinden.com from a guy in Istanbul who fetched it down without me even seeing it, but it was only used for 10 hours so there could not be anything wrong with it.

by irnbru630 08 Aug 2012, 17:28

I believe the Titanic was also only used for ex - number of hours and look what happened to that :) >>>> :lol:
by leylaasena 08 Aug 2012, 19:22
The law has changed recently and now, if the engine is less than 10hp, you don't need a licence.

And Turkish flagged boats between 5 and 9 metres pay about 250tl a year tax.


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