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by Sharon Knight 26 May 2017, 18:25
Last night 7 of us visited the greek resturant off dolphin square and what a great time we had. Its nice to find something different in Altinkum. The resturant is simply decorated in blue and white and matching furniture/clothes, even had proper white damask napkins lol. The menue choice is small with an assortment of about 12 different meves at 8ytl each all served with hot toasted bread. Main choices are Sea Bream/Bass at 25ytl, plus a selection of other fish priced at daily catch rates, Kleftikof(lamb) 40ytl, Stafido(beef) 35ytl and Igara(grilled meat) 35ytl, the food was hot tasty and plentyful. Beers were from 11ytl and wine by the glass 12ytl. The service was excellent and a very good evening was enjoyed by all of us, an we will be returning again. So nice to go somewhere a bit different and l really hope they do well,

Sharon ;)
by Lyn 27 May 2017, 05:54
Thanks Sharon, nice report. As you say it's great to have somewhere different to go. With the new curry house as well things are on the up. :D

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by St Domingo 27 May 2017, 08:03
We also went to Dafni when we were over and agree it's a positive addition to the resort :D

Another good new addition that we went to, was the Rose Bar in the Valley, we thought the food and hospitality was excellent and hope they do well

nil satis nisi optimum
by Tommo 27 May 2017, 11:01
Thanks Sharon will give the Dafni Taverna a call next week ps do you know if they do pick ups cheers Tom :D
by Sharon Knight 27 May 2017, 12:37
Dafni is just off Dolphin square, down where Billy & Lees used to be, and also Hasan Baba, a d they do a car service, which you may have to pay for! I'm not too sure as when l went in he said they do a car service, and when we went to book for 9 people he said it is a reduced price taxi service, so we said ok we will cancel as you said it was free. He then said ok free car service, which it was. So l suggest you phone direct and enquire, but it certainly wont stop us visiting again.


Tel: 0256 813 2875/0543 419 1013 Also a facebook page

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