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by Barbles 10 Oct 2011, 15:30
Seeing as there appears not to be a Topic running on this establishment, i've decided to open one in readiness for our first visit. Plenty of people have sung its praises in the past, so why not ??

by steve zeus 10 Oct 2011, 15:53
If you put Moby dicks in the search engine on the forum there is quite a few pages, plus a couple of reviews on this Chippy too, must admit we quite like it there aswell, but they always seem to run out of Mushy peas, l.o.l. Flying out in the morning so will give it a try again over the next fortnight :)

Steve & Maxine.
"Zeus Heights"

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"
"gunesteki yerimizi seviyoruz."
by Barbles 10 Oct 2011, 18:10
Thanks Steve, I did it the hard way and trawled back through to 2008 !! Hope you have a good flight.

by JANE 10 Oct 2011, 19:05
Lovely food, big portions and good prices!!! Well worth a visit! :D

Jane :D

"Wish we were there"!
by Duke 10 Oct 2011, 20:01
Les if you give Peter or Bill at 3 in 1 they will keep you Mushy Peas then you wont feel let down about them running out of the Green stuff!! Yes there are several posts about 3 in 1 (Moby Dicks) & YES they are in the Top 3 best Fish & Chip places!! Maybe the Top!!! Also Bill makes the nicest pastries when hes in the mood & Cheese thats Delish

Keep the Faith & To Thine ownself be True!
by PJRichards 11 Oct 2011, 06:34

We used Moby Dicks down near Delicious and they were fantastic. I had the childs portion as the normal one would have been way to big for me. The best fish and chips we have had in Altinkum and proper mushy peas too.
by davido 11 Oct 2011, 07:26
never had fish and chips in turkey must try it... what fish do they have ..
by karinerhan 11 Oct 2011, 08:01
Their fish and chips are delicious..... and the mushy peas when they are on. I think it is haddock or maybe pangasius. a Vietnamese fish that is similar to Haddock in taste and appearance.
I think I may have to go and get some now. whetted my apetite now.
by Barbles 21 Oct 2011, 16:15
Finally made it to this establishment tonight and have to say that we weren't disappointed with what was put in front of us, Fish, Chips and mushy peas, cooked to perfection. Excellent fayre and have to say that it was better than The Chippy, despite this, we will use both restaurants, using The Chippy for a change, seeing as we also enjoyed our meal there.


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