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by Barbles 01 Sep 2012, 10:14
We paid 17.50tl for the meal and a soft drink and yes, it is really good grub.

by cassaragi 04 Sep 2012, 08:24
Absolutley fantastic fish chips and mushy peas,very reasonaby priced met Bill and Peter couple of nice guys.
Les if you go say hello to them for me ,you can remind them who i am by saying i was the one scouting the place out.
What happened was i got to Golf bar with my party of 8 ,i then walked along the road to see how far along it was before getting my Father to walk the distance,the owner said to me "i seen you scouting the place out"
The meal we had was better than any of my local fish n chip shops in the uk.
by jjazzza 04 Sep 2012, 15:10
We are going-there tonight for some fish n. hips yummy

a horse will lead you to water,but it wont pay your lecky bill (goldsand complex iv )

jim linda&jordan
by Bill H 03 Nov 2013, 15:56
We were "talked" into trying Moby Dicks when we were out this year, I do have to say that it was pretty good, I will add that I have had better, but only because "Archies" our local(ish) chippie is owned and run by a Turkish family and only about a 15 min drive from where we live in the U K, and undoubtably the finest fish and chips in the south east.
by Dona 05 Nov 2013, 22:06
Myself and three others have had fish chips and mushy peas at Moby Dicks.... It was good and filled a gap and i would say to others give it a go.... But please do not compare to fish and chip shops at home .... As they do rate higher in my opinion !
by wildone 06 Nov 2013, 08:28
Tried it when we were last out and all though the meal was ok,dont like sharing it with loads of cats,so wont be going back.

by netty123 06 Nov 2013, 11:17
There have been at least 3 cats hanging around the Baracuda all this season and there were some there last year as well. Anyway do not waste your time walking up Ege Road as it is now well and truly locked up. All the furniture is inside and grills have been put against all the windows.
by oldfogy 17 Jan 2015, 23:21
Didn't think there was any need to start a new thread when one already exist, even if it would take a while to re-read all the past post's, but thought maybe any updates would be appreciated, or/and more to the point, is it still running?
Not forgetting is the old man (smiler) still there?

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