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by St Domingo 18 Jan 2015, 10:06
It was when we were there in October as we always call in at least once during our jollies and yes the staff were the same

nil satis nisi optimum
by pollyg 21 Jan 2015, 11:28
gengis is loads better fish well cooked. loads of chips. where as mobys the fish was pale and batter not cooked through. we always aked for well done but still was pale. the staff miserable. so we changed to gengis. lovely grubly :D
by pollyg 21 Jan 2015, 17:34
lol now your asking. come down from the water wheel its a bout 100 yds downt he hill.. and your there. there is a hairdressers next door.
by oldfogy 21 Jan 2015, 17:41
Ok thanks, so just by the bend in the road and the pub where they have the quiz nights, again, thanks very much.
by pollyg 21 Jan 2015, 20:08
that's it I forgot the name of the hotel at the bottom to help with directions
by pollyg 21 Jan 2015, 20:10
just cooked like we like em in Yorkshire not like darn sarf
by Bill H 25 Jan 2015, 08:57
When we were out last year, we did visit Moby Dicks, it was a disaster, under cooked and warm.
We are delighted to know that there is an alternative, and nearer to our accomodation, shall give them a try in May
by durham rader 25 Jan 2015, 16:20
pollyg wrote:that's it I forgot the name of the hotel at the bottom to help with directions

Toros hotel faces gengis bar and the oscar hotel and meryemana is at the junction below and we like there fish and chips as well

RAchel /DERrick. To far North to be English and to far South to be Scottish.
by taylo61 25 Jan 2015, 16:31
Where is the torso hotel is it near dolphin square or I'm I miles out.?.

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