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by St Domingo 01 Apr 2013, 11:41
Does anyone know if Reds is open yet or is likely to be for the last week in April :?: 8-)

nil satis nisi optimum
by wilkina 02 Apr 2013, 17:26
Went past Reds today and there is no signs of it opening.

by St Domingo 02 Apr 2013, 18:38
Thanks Andrew

Fingers crossed that Tony does open again as we loved sitting their last year with a cold beer taking in the scenery 8-)

nil satis nisi optimum
by Tinker 03 Apr 2013, 17:50
As long as the Blue Restaurant is open for the quiz. LOL


Dave ;)
by wilkina 02 May 2013, 19:15
Spoke to Tony today. Reds is now open. He has started to build some holiday homes made of wood just right of the bar. One bedroom and a bathroom with showers.Looks like there is going to be four in total.

by St Domingo 02 May 2013, 19:36
Although it wasn't open last week we had a couple of beers with Tony and he showed us the new 'chalets' he was having built

Looking forward to a few more when we go back at the end of June 8-)

nil satis nisi optimum
by Lyn 03 May 2013, 08:15
The Red is now open but Tony said he is only doing hot snacks for the next 2-3 weeks before offering the full menu. The "Chalets" are quite small but are not intended for a 1 or 2 week holiday, more like a back-packer's option for a few nights. He also advised more development is to be made this season including a bar situated inside the covered area.

The weekly Sunday evening quiz will also resume on May 12th at around 19:00.

I used to be indecisive, but now I think I'm better.
by michaelandanita 03 May 2013, 12:09
Lyn the chalets sound like they will be alright for people visiting your neck of the woods who don't want to travel back to their accomodation in Altinkum after a night out. Did he say what he is going to charge?
by Lyn 04 May 2013, 07:04
Tony hasn't said anything about the cost yet.

I used to be indecisive, but now I think I'm better.
by summertime 04 May 2013, 15:29
How do I find the Blue Restaurant when going by Dolmus, the Dolmus stoped at Venosa. went many times to the beach in Yesilkent and the only restaurant I could find was the Aldir or something like that, and the music was awful, tried to walk up and down the beach but could not fint the Blue.

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