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by anniem 07 Sep 2014, 20:10
hi which is the best restaurant at the marina to go for a nice coffee and maybe a cake or a light snack during day can you get dolmus to marina from altinkum as well please thanks

a mellon
by Bugsy 08 Sep 2014, 08:44
Yes, definitely the coffee shop for a sandwich or cake and beautiful coffees and ice creams. When you enter past the Security gate, turn left into the car park there and it is above the first shop that sells chocolate and coffee at the entrance to the shopping mall.
Go through the shop to the back and their is a staircase to take you up the stairs to the coffee shop with terrace. Try the Dondurma Cappucino, it is excellent - about 8tl, but more like a giant milkshake with cream on top!!! Good selection of sandwiches and cakes too.
Whilst you are there, go and check out the other restaurants for a return visit:-
Key-F = at the end of the mall of shops and downstairs.
Upstairs = above Key-F
D-Marin Yacht Club = across the other car park - they have a set daily menu and a full menu. Lovely setting with swimming pool and sunbeds (at a cost). But, you can have a look around anyway and see what you think of their menu (I found it more expensive than the others!!).
Have a nice time.
by garymbrock 08 Sep 2014, 17:14
Sorry Pete of course, the restaurant with nice lady who runs it is at the turning circle just where the " can't drive through the Temple area bit starts". Effectively at the end where the pension is. If I can ( probably 5th or 6th time I've tried) upload a picture and the view I'll get it on. It always tells me the pics are wrong size when I try, or " can't upload flashes up"
by Juco 08 Sep 2014, 18:41
It always tells me the pics are wrong size when I try, or " can't upload flashes up"

More than likely too large, make them smaller, say 800x 600

by garymbrock 08 Sep 2014, 18:49
I've posted the three pics on Altinkum Didim page of Facebook. The footballs about to start and as you can see by the time between my two posts, that alas an hour or so later I have still not managed to upload any pictures. God I'm crap with IT.
by Pete Jones 09 Sep 2014, 09:36
Cheers Gary I'll have a look at FB.
I've looked on all the Altinkum FB pages I've got but cant find the photos Gary,I will pm you my email address can you email them to me Cheers.

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