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by wsjml07 26 Apr 2015, 09:19
I think it used to be called the Limond bar
by Sharon Knight 26 Apr 2015, 14:13
Was speaking to Ahmet yesterday at the new bar. It is the last bar on the seafront by the Customs Building. Its still very much a work in progress. They have built a new bar and kitchen and will be getting the seating recovered this week. Sorry NO comfy sofa's they are still at the old chill out bar. There will be new signage put up by the end of the week and the new bar will be called HarbourLights, but it will be in Turkish as the law states. Good Luck to him in his new venture,

by Bill H 30 Sep 2015, 08:07
Ahmed is now at the end of the promenade just before the fish market.
He has worked his usual magic and remains quite busy, when we were over there at the early part of the season he was busy working his magic with food and drink, keeping his customers happy, playing loads of music from years gone by, and working almost non-stop all day.
Keep up the good work Ahmed, see you next year.
by debbie 30 Sep 2015, 08:17
We've just returned from a glorious 3 weeks and spent some of our most fun times in Ahmets bar, now called Limon bar, the Motown nights were a great success, and also the live band he has in there were fabulous, real quality muscians

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