All things eating and drinking related
by elizaflint 08 Jul 2015, 23:37
If it is a large club near the ex General Hospital I know where it is, I have even been there!
Anyway, thanks for your reply, I was afraid my attempt at verse had put everyone right off!

by Tommo 20 Jan 2016, 17:01
Hi Lyn love the Rose with ice but sitting hear with a lovely pint of the Black Stuff you can not beat it :D :D
by Lyn 21 Jan 2016, 07:37
Back in the UK in a couple of weeks Tommo so I'll be enjoying some of the black then as well. Looking forward to it, and we're booked into a pub. :D :D :D

With age comes skills, it's called multi-tasking. I can laugh, cough, sneeze and pee all at the same time.

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