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by jhornegold 06 Sep 2015, 21:02
Fed up with the limited choice of chemical lagers in Altinkum, then try and promote Gara Guzu "Amber" and "Blonde" beers produced by a local brewery. They are absolutely fantastic tasty beers, that I found last week at Café More', and compare favourably to the best British beers.

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by St Domingo 09 Sep 2015, 14:39
Brilliant :D We will certainly give it a try when over in October. Can't stand Efes and Tuborg is just about ok. When over in May we were drinking Kozel and Duvel at the Toy Bar which was good.

We have just come back from Bratislava and for anyone who likes good beer this is the place to go. We found 5 'Brew Pubs' and the beer whether light, pale or dark was to die for :D

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