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by Bugsy 09 Sep 2015, 08:48
My partner was speaking to Ozzy yesterday and he said he is opening a new restaurant in AKBUK called Chef Star. He said he will be there cooking his wonderful steaks and hopes to do Oven-cooked Lamb and Fresh daily Fish as well.
We shall be visiting soon and can give a proper location, but he said it was near to Covent Garden.

He now has a fully trained chef over at the Castle and steaks will continue to be good there too.
by oldfogy 09 Sep 2015, 10:51
Is there any chance you could find out if he would do a pickup for at least 2 people from 'for arguments sake' (just as a reference point The Chocolate Castle), thanks.

I finally managed to get his phone number, but am still in the UK at the moment. If anyone wants it, along with the proper name & address:

Bistro Kale Cafe Bar 2132. Sk No:3, 09270 Aydin (off Inonu Blv)
(Ozzie) 0535 040 1115 or 0256 811 3135

Message Luke Oliver Merve Horton on FB.
by Duke 09 Sep 2015, 12:56
So my concern would now be WHO will be the Chef at the Chocolate Castle ??

Keep the Faith & To Thine ownself be True!
by steve zeus 09 Sep 2015, 23:00
I agree Chris, will be checking it out in 15 days time..see you soon.

Steve & Maxine.
"Zeus Heights"

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by Bugsy 10 Sep 2015, 12:10
Ozzy said he was there now and opened, but didn't like to write that as not been down to see him yet to check it out and make sure he is there.
We originally called the land-line & spoke to Luke who said he was down in Akbuk and gave us the mobile no. which is ozzy's as quoted before.
Will let you all know when we go there and have a look at the menu.
He is hoping to do car service, but it is in garage at present.
by Bugsy 18 Sep 2015, 10:44
Ok, we went to see Ozzy at his new place in Akbuk yesterday.
It is called Sef Star (Chef Star) and it is in the building which was previously 'My Way' and more recently was something like 'Yosun Bar'.
From the main road entering Akbuk, just past the Derby Hotel is a sign-post for 'Turunc Akbuk Solutions' which I believe is a Bar/Café. Both places share the same parking area and Sef Star is on the left at the bottom of this road right next to the beach. Lovely setting.
My partner had the Full English Breakfast and I had Creamy Garlic Mushrooms and Garlic Bread and both were lovely.
They are currently using the menu from the Castle, so those that have been for the delicious steaks will know what to expect.
As I said before, he is intending to do Car Service, so give him a ring if you want to go & visit him there.
by oldfogy 18 Sep 2015, 10:58
If anyone want the phone number/s they are: -
(Ozzie) ........................................ 0535 040 1115 or ... 0256 811 3135
if using a none turkish phone, then dial +90535 040 1115 or 0090256 811 3135

Or leave a message on 'Luke Oliver Merve Horton' page on FB at Mango bar.
by malcolm 19 Sep 2015, 10:40
Nice to see some more competition in Akbuk,the quality of food there as improved over the last couple of years the likes of The Esinti,Sahara and the Pasa have raised the bar ,so we are looking forward to trying the new place

by briann 24 Sep 2015, 22:26
Is Ozzy trying to do too much? 8 of us had a poor meal at Castle 2 weeks ago and had to complain as Ozzy's brother was the chef that night and service as well as steaks not up to standard. They have had to shut Mangos because of staffing issues although they are planning to open in October and with Luke hampered through putting his foot on a nail and needing stitches they need to just keep their eye on the ball and not get carried away.

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