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by garymbrock 07 Dec 2015, 21:28
Well just for balance I went a couple of times in August /Sept and I thought it was great. The chicken sandwich is like a club sandwich with crispy bread and a Caesar/ Mayo sauce with good varied salad. It certainly wasn't horrible, but not white Sunblest with marg, and cold chicken.
They can charge more if they flounce it up somewhat....pretentious maybe but certainly not bad.
by ted j 08 Dec 2015, 07:02
That of course is your entitled to opinion
From my point of view it was crap , just like some folk think MacDonalds is great ....(and BTW I don't eat either sunblest or marg on a sandwich), but I do expect a decent piece of chicken , not some saddo's version of what chicken should taste like with bloody weird spicy flavouring all over it

I suppose you support smoking inside too
by garymbrock 05 Jan 2016, 00:20
No I don't support smoking inside either, though quite what relevance that has to the price of fish I don't know !!!
Hear it all the time "don't like change" as I said surely it's a matter of opinions. If it's different it doesn't have to be crap.

Let's agree to disagree, nothing wrong with that.
by ted j 05 Jan 2016, 10:14
The smoking inside, in my original post was what they allowed by opening the slide back roof a little
Which just cooled down the whole place (it wasn't particularly warm in the first place ) and while I don't mind trying different foods if they are edible , when I order a chicken sandwich (as it was clearly labelled on the menu ), I expect that , plain chicken , butter , not dry bread and if any accompanying chips etc for those to be plain chips, not both chicken and the chips fried in some pungent smelling spice concoction which I never asked for

I can go in at least half a dozen eateries and get food cooked EXACTLY as I want it , Caspers and Martinos will both do a proper fillet steak as I like it and with whatever side dishes I want , the Toy bar and Topkapi will do the same and Alo24 also do proper food (their chicken soup and cheese bread is brilliant tasting and really good value for money)
My point is, if you serve food that is how the chef thinks it should be (and not the main chef either as I was informed ) like Gordon Ramsey, you will eventually go bust (as he did)

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