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by patnmick 23 Apr 2016, 20:20
I have been snorkeling around Altinkum Akbuk and Yesikent for a number of years now and have often picked up huge clams as well as oysters from these areas and just wondered if anyone else had done the same and eaten their catch. When i have asked the locals they only use the shellfish for bait when fishing. Yet we use a restaurant near the harbour in Altinkum which serves every shellfish under the sun and tells me he dives for them all locally. I watched last year when the lads from the Aldente restaurant pulled a live stingray from the sea and then just threw it on the sand as if thy were scared of it, What a waste.
by Juco 23 Apr 2016, 21:33
I havent a clue, will be interesting to hear others views though.

by Tommo 25 Apr 2016, 10:25
Hi when we were up in Gumusluk which is a fishing village outside Bodrum we saw the people snorkel for Squid and they took them up to their restaurant and cooked them :roll:
by webb89 25 Apr 2016, 12:20
Muslim like Jews do not eat shellfish. This is not as widely practiced as within the Jewish Kosher community but it explains why you do not see a lot of shellfish in restaurants other than those catering for ex pats.
by wazman 29 Apr 2016, 09:44
webb89 wrote:Muslim like Jews do not eat shellfish. This is not as widely practiced as within the Jewish Kosher community but it explains why you do not see a lot of shellfish in restaurants other than those catering for ex pats.

Not true. Morocco is a typical Muslim country and they love shellfish. I am a Muslim and I love shellfish.
by webb89 01 May 2016, 17:28
Well that's debatable I'm no Muslim scholar but this bloke is!

Re: Hanafi Madhab- do you eat seafood that doesn't look like fish?
I just realised, they don't have the difference in opinion line anymore, this is what I found:

According to Imam Abu Hanifa, from among the marine animals that are fully aquatic, only the fish is allowed to eat. Here, fish refers to everything that falls within the definition of fish. As defined by marine scientists, fish is ‘an aquatic, cold blooded, gill breathing vertebrate with a two-chambered heart’. Based upon this definition, whale, shrimp, lobster, sea crab, crayfish, squids, octopus, oyster, sea snail etc. are not ‘fish’, and will not be permissible according to Imam Abu Hanifa. Imam Abu Hanifa does not allow the consumption of everything from the sea. Only the fish is allowed (all types). The reason for this is that all animals of the sea die on its own. Due to this, they are known to be carrion (maitah), and from among the carrion which are allowed to consume, the fish and locust have been made permissible. About this, the Prophet (SAS) stated, ‘Two types of dead (carrion-maitah) are lawful for us …. They are fish and locust’. (Ahmad, Ibn Majah). The hadith clearly establishes that from among the dead (carrion) of the sea only the fish is allowed, and this is the verdict of Imam Abu Hanifa (AR).

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan (Darul uloom Trinidad)
by elizaflint 02 May 2016, 11:20
Maybe best taken with a pinch of salt ....

by patnmick 02 May 2016, 22:03
You have to respect the beliefs of others but at the same time live your life by your own.I will therefore continue with my fishing and eating of the local shellfish and take a little lemon with my pinch of salt. Thanks for all the feedback.
by Bugsy 03 May 2016, 07:21
Shell-fish do not seem that popular in restaurants in Altinkum & I think it is probably due to the fact that they are expensive to buy & would be a waste if they did not sell. Mussels are quite often seen for sale on stalls on the promenade.
In Kusadasi & some other seaside resorts shell-fish are much more popular and can be seen on a variety of Menus. There are plenty of shell-fish for sale at the Fish Market on the front also & we have bought Lobsters & Prawns there in the past.
My partner has caught many octopus & squid off of a boat out of Altinkum and we have eaten these.
Friends have also had Crab at a Fish Restaurant in Iassos.
We have heard that the Turkish are not keen on shell-fish as they feed off the bottom of the the ocean & are therefore considered dirty!! Not sure whether this is to do with religion or not though.
by elizaflint 03 May 2016, 07:38
Anyone who watched last night's Masterchef in the UK may have been put of shellfish for life, it was really disgusting (raw prawn, I will spare you the further details). Black pasta with squid ink is also not my idea of appetising, but there's no accounting for taste!


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