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by carlwaite1 24 May 2016, 19:00
It is a shame that a lot of people have sold up and moved on with their lives. I think everyone who initially bought did think that house prices would sky rocket and that Altinkum would become a little England. Alas neither have been the case. But I wouldn`t want to sell up. I love the place. I love the feeling that I am in a home from home and there is absolutely no pressure to do anything. It really was never going to be as good as we all thought, but in spite of all the difficulties that I am sure everyone has had to face it is still a great place to come to.
by annabelle 24 May 2016, 20:19
We Sold up 5 years this week .No regrets we had 9 years of cheap holidays in our home from home .

During that time we met some lovely people some not so nice and plenty of people who had been ripped off either loosing their homes or money or just being conned .
We bought with the intention of spending more time there once we retired but when that time came and we stayed 6 weeks we were ready for home not enough that we enjoy to do there.
We missed our friends and social life here too much .and all our friends we had made in Altinkum were leaving one by one and when our friends that looked after our apartment through the winter decided to move to Spain we decided it was time to sell it .
Since then we have holidays all over and 3 cruises ,been to the Caribbean,, USA ,Croatia ,Italy ,Corfu ,Tenerife in winter months and each year we've visited different areas of Turkey a country we still like very much there are some lovely places to see .
We were lucky we bought in 2002 for $14,,000 and sold it for $28,000 in 2011 so didn't loose on it and had all our holiday as well, it was not bought for an investment ,I never imagined the prices would go up like they did ,but it was a British invasion of 2005 to 2008 that pushed prices up.

We have lovely memories of our times there our Turkish neighbours baking and sharing with us and coming over for a cay on the patio .
But we have moved on and probably wont visit Altinkum again now too many memories and other places to visit :roll: Ann
by louie 25 May 2016, 10:24
Scottie, they could always charge us for using their airspace.....should I have said that ?..... it could be putting ideas into the heads. LOL

Kath :o
by jjazzza 25 May 2016, 18:35
We sold two years ago and glad we did

a horse will lead you to water,but it wont pay your lecky bill (goldsand complex iv )

jim linda&jordan
by Gary and Caroline 26 May 2016, 08:35
We sold 4 years ago. Yes, we had lovely holidays in our apartment, but every single visit was blighted by having to traipse around, sorting out more and more red tape. First, we were chasing our tails trying to get our tapu (which took 3 years), then more new legislation with the electricity supply.... the list was endless. We spent so much time sorting out all these seemingly invented rules and regulations that it spoilt our holidays. We have no regrets in selling up whatsoever.

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