A chronicle of Sharon and Eric's new life in Bulgaria.
by sharon and eric 09 Apr 2011, 20:19
Well here we are in Bulgaria and feeling quite settled already, it’s amazing what you can get done in a few days over here.

The Journey
We set off from Akbuk at 6am on Saturday morning leaving behind us a wonderful electric storm that I had been sat watching since 1am. I said that it had been ordered especially for me as a leaving pressy from Turkey (I will miss those storms). Around 5 hours into the journey we could smell something burning and then smoke was coming from under the driver “Alan’s” seat. We pulled up to A nearby service station and the guy called a mechanic who arrived within a few minutes, as luck would have it, his garage was only a couple of minutes away so we followed him there. The battery had been over charging so he ordered us a new one, cooled the old one down so it could be removed, it was so hot, you could have cooked a meal on it. While we were waiting, we sat in a little cafe across the street and had a few Nescafe’s (that cost an incredible 50kr each) to pass the time.
After placing the new battery and doing something or the other with the alternator we were ready for the off, we only had a 2 hour delay which I thought was very good as we were in the back of beyond, luck was certainly on our side when the car decided to break down in that particular spot.

Before we boarded the ferry at Camukale Phil had the car checked over at a Mercedes dealer and he made sure that everything was good and safe for the rest of our Journey.
Our dog Molly was on the back seat with us and she was as good as gold the entire journey but Pudding the cat was a different matter. He was also in the back with us, in a cat box and he never stopped whinging from 20 minutes into the trip until we arrived 15 hours later. We gave him sedpet, which is a gel that you rub on his gums and that didn’t calm him, we applied more and more but he just would not settle. We tried him out of the box as well but no chance, he was a little swine the whole journey, we did feel sorry for him though as he obviously doesn’t like travelling.

When we got to the border we were in a queue of around 10 cars and it took an hour to get through, a torch was shone on the animals , a quick check in the back and we were on our way and arrived at our rental 30 minutes later where a roaring log fire and a pork dinner were waiting for us.

Depending on how long you spend at the Lessovo check point, this journey can take anything from 11 hours, for us it was 15 because of the breakdown but I was more comfortable in the Mercedes van than I was on the coach, it was a pleasant journey and we both felt very safe in the hands of Phil Johns from Paws Kennels and Alan his co driver.

Settling in

We have had a busy week that has mainly consisted of shopping, shopping, oh and more shopping but more about that on another thread.

On Sunday we did some unpacking and then went for a drink to Anna and Alan Sampson's bar/bistro which is just a minute up the lane from our house, it’s a nice little place with lovely food at excellent prices, we just had drinks but another couple had 2 x 3 course meal. Coffee, coke, bottle of wine and a glass of wine for 33 leva, so it is really cheap to eat out and a decent Bulgarian meal can be had for around 3 or 4 leva.

We have also had a couple of trips into Elhovo and Yambol and had good meals on each occasion. On Friday we went to buy the car and the whole process took 40 minutes, so Eric is a happy chappy now he has got his Landrover Freelander. After sorting the car out, we then went to Yambol to get our residency visa and again this was all done in a couple of hours. We were very lucky to be introduced to a lady from our village who speaks a good bit of English and she came along to help us.
When we got there we were told to get an official translator and after a phone call one arrived within 5 minutes and she translated the necessary documents and we paid 10 leva for her service. We then paid the 19 leva fee for both of our white cards and were told to come back in an hour. We had a wee look around the shops and went back to collect our 5 year residency visa’s, thanks to Tanya it was all very easy to do.

We have met some really nice people and today were invited to another village, where we ate a sheep that was killed yesterday and sampled 15 different flavours of rakia, (local hooch) that Jo the hostess had made herself, she had flavoured it with vanilla, mint, coffee, rosemary, honey, elderberry, lemon and eight other flavours. It’s a good job that we only had the tiniest of sips of each one or we would have been on our backs. She also had a boules area in her garden so we had an hour or so playing that, the weather was lovely so all in all it has been a great day.

We have also met a good few of the locals in the village and they have made us so welcome, they are really friendly and happy even though they have very little. We are looking forward to mixing with them more and buying their home grown produce, they are very self sufficient and have plenty to offer.

So there we have our first week over with and are already feeling settled and looking forward to see what next week brings. I will let you all know.

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by jue 09 Apr 2011, 20:30
Thanks for that Sharon, I love reading people's story's and adventures. Cant wait for your next update. jue x
by puwer98 09 Apr 2011, 20:31
Thanks Sharon a good post

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by alison 09 Apr 2011, 20:32
Sounds fantastic. Wish you all the luck in the world. x
by tess 09 Apr 2011, 20:41
;) So far so good and how exciting discovering a new area. Take care and hope you continue to settle and enjoy.
I really enjoyed reading your update and look forward to the next one.
by steve zeus 09 Apr 2011, 20:43
Thanks for the up-date Sharon....& nice to hear you are starting to settle in...good luck to you both ;)

Steve & Maxine.
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by annabelle 09 Apr 2011, 21:26
Glad to hear you arrived safely and have settled in and enjoyed your first week :D Ann
by bez 09 Apr 2011, 21:40
sounds like your having a ball, best wishes and please keep us updated that was a great post luv bez
by Keith 09 Apr 2011, 21:41
Thanks for the informative post Sharon. Looking forward to futher instalments about your new life.

Please say hi to Alan and Anna for us. It seems like a lifetime ago that we went to their wedding at the Appollon Temple.

by terryandjoan 09 Apr 2011, 21:53
Enjoyed the read, looking forward to the next enstallment.

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