A chronicle of Sharon and Eric's new life in Bulgaria.
by bolton 09 Apr 2011, 22:41
It's so lovely to hear about your new adventure, looking forward to your next update.

Sheila and Billy
by Super Fulham 09 Apr 2011, 22:57
Superb to hear your updates, i was actually going to start a new thread to see what you was up to as i was reading the My Bulgaria forum earlier. Please please please keep us updated , as i'm in my Bulgaria mode at the moment (it changes all the time) . Out of interest what village are you in or nearest town? As you learn more could you fill us in as to the best climate places in Bulgaria. live long and prosper as Spock would say.
by phillanddi 09 Apr 2011, 23:07
nice to here from you two sounds like a good starte to
your new life im looking forward to part 2 :D

phill and diane marina gateway

bought from turkish home sweet home have tapu + no regrets
by marian 10 Apr 2011, 06:06
So pleased to hear that you both arrived safe and sound and I wish you all the best in your new home. :D :D
by Natalie 10 Apr 2011, 06:10
A great post and sounds like all is going well. Was shocked to read that Alan and Anna had left as well. Must of been walking around with cotton wool in my ears! :lol:
by PJRichards 10 Apr 2011, 06:25
What a joy reading your post Sharon i have really enjoyed it although I have heard snippets on Facebook. It sound like a lovely place that you have gone to. Looking forward to part 2 as well.
All the luck in the world to you both.
by Marys 10 Apr 2011, 06:38
:D Glad you arrived safely & are settling in. Enjoy your new life :D

M x
by Ann 10 Apr 2011, 07:18
So pleased to hear that everything is going well for you. Had to laugh at the cat....been there, done that and got hundreds of teeshirts. Our cat is in quarantine at the moment and doesnt get "bail" until July. Last time we saw her at the cattery she wasnt too happy being caged up instead of roaming Yesilkent...but I'm sure she will cope. Good luck with settling down in Bulgaria.

by kmac 10 Apr 2011, 10:49
Great read Sharon so glad you are both settling in, tell Eric we said hello. Look forward to part 2 xxxx

by WeLoveAltinkum 10 Apr 2011, 11:25
Glad all going well for you. Take care and hope you enjoy every second xxx

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