A chronicle of Sharon and Eric's new life in Bulgaria.
by sharon and eric 10 Apr 2011, 18:21
This thread is going to be all about shopping, prices, range of items sold and so on.
I am loving the shops here, OK they are not as good as the UK but the choice is vast compared to what I have become used to.We went to a couple of super markets in Yambol and the following is what we bought and the total price.

200gr Coffee
Box Corn Flakes
Pkt Cappuccino Mix
4lt Milk
Tin Tuna
Kilo Honey
Jar Honey and Walnuts
Cooking Oil
Jar Peaches
12 Cuppa Soups
3 Kingsize Mars Bars
Kilo Jam
Hienz Ketchup
3 Loaves Bread
Pkt Waffles
Jar Peppers
2 tins Copped Toms
Casserole Mixes
Frozen Peas
Frozen Mixed Veg
4 x 1240 gr Tins Dog Food
12 Cat Pouches
Doggy Sausage

Onion’s Apple’s, Banana’s, Tomato’s
12 Eggs
½ Kilo Cheese
Cream Cheese
Cheese Slices
Kilo White Fish Fillets
Kilo Mince
2 Packs Sausage Meat
Stewing Steak
3 packs Pork Chops
Belly Pork
Pork Steaks
7 ½ Litres Lager
2 Litres Vodka
2 Litres Wine
4 Litres Coke
2 Litres Sprite
1 Litre Bitter Lemon
40 Litres Water
Wash Powder
Fabric Conditioner
2 Wash Up Liquid
Shower Gel
Hair Mouse

This came to 228 Leva. The freezers are full and most of this should last for the best part of a month. I think it is better to a big shop every so often than every week, it is all far too tempting for me and I would end up spending a fortune.

The British Food Shop

This is a great little shop in Elhovo and has hundreds of food items imported from the UK and is always busy. We bought a 26 pack of Walkers Crisps for 5 leva, Galaxy Drinking Chocolate for 3.50, a big box of Bran Flakes for 3 so the prices are also good in this shop and there is plenty of choice. There is also a Britsh food shop and a Scottish shop in Yambol which we have yet to discover. Eeeeeek, I can’t wait.

Big Nickers

Yes biiiiiig one’s, now this has to be my best buy. Any of you that know me will know that to find a pair of kecks to fit my behind in Turkey is impossible, so I was delighted to have a pair of them waved at me in the market yesterday. The stall holder put her hands in them and stretched them a few yards to demonstrate the sheer size of them, anyone else would have been mortified but me?, no chance, I was made up that they sold such wonderful garments and for just 3 leva a pair woop woop. So if you have an arse like a thirty shilling kale pot, Bulgaria is the place to get it covered up, it’s the land of the big bum.
Oh I nearly forgot to tell you about my wellies, they are lush! leopard print and I won't take them off even though it's not raining, muddy or cold.... I just love them :D

More about the shops next week.

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by kmac 10 Apr 2011, 19:30
:D Bloody hell woman did you leave anything in the shops lol :lol: by the way how many leva to the £

by annabelle 10 Apr 2011, 19:41
I work your Shopping Bill of 228 Leva to be around 103 pounds is that about right Sharon :D Ann
by puwer98 10 Apr 2011, 19:42
100 Tl = 88.5 BGN

228.00 BGN = 257.461 TRY

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by marian 10 Apr 2011, 19:57
I bet you was in heaven shopping there Sharon :)
by phillanddi 11 Apr 2011, 04:25
love it :D i love a bargin photos please Sharon all the shops and the
markets please looking forward to the next shopping trip
Di .x

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by water 11 Apr 2011, 04:38
Thanks for your post Sharon, you really made me laugh, glad you and Eric are settling in ok
Sue x
by Duke 11 Apr 2011, 06:36
Still crying with laughter here!!! Love hearing your adventures Sharon (say Hi to Eric for me!) Keep them coming as I know all members love them too... I really hope that youve found your niche & look forward to seeing you both in the not too distant future!! So glad youve filled all your Larders & Knickers too ......lol.
Duke xxx

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by PJRichards 11 Apr 2011, 06:46
'So if you have an arse like a thirty shilling kale pot' ROTFL..
Thanks Sharon you have made my day. I always read AA with my 7-20 cup of tea and this has given me a great start to the day.
Looking forward to the next instalment.

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