A chronicle of Sharon and Eric's new life in Bulgaria.
by sharon and eric 29 May 2011, 10:22
Hi Ann

Yes we are renting and are paying 300 leva per month for a village house, plus bills and of course the wood for the winter. We have not registered with a doctor yet but there is one in Yambol that speaks perfect English. Erics meds cost him 1.14 leva for the month, they were around 9 lira in Turkey.

Here are some websites to look at.



http://www.mybulgaria.info/bulgaria-pro ... orums.html


http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/fin ... y=bulgaria

Elhovo News


This site is really good for all things Bulgarian.

http://www.questbg.com/en/legal-and-fin ... n-on-plane

Links to shops

http://bulgaria.angloinfo.com/countries ... hwshop.asp

By the way Anna and Alan are fine.

sootypaws wrote:Hi Sharon and Eric, thanks for the up date. sounds like your settling in to village life good. Can you let us know if your renting? and how much you are paying? Have you registered with a doctor and how much do you pay for medication if your taking any? Thinking of giving it a try there myself if I can get all the info. Any good sites to look at?

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by Keith 29 May 2011, 17:26
Valian wrote:Just seen this post on Facebook from Anna & Alan: :shock:

Shirleys Bar, Dobrich (nr Elhovo-Yambol) Bulgaria
Due to unforseen circumstances, we will be closing as of this week. Day yet to be fully decided , however today will be our last Sunday trading. We are open from 4pm today for Sunday lunches. Many thanks to all our valued customers and friends who have supported us.

I hope they are both OK :cry:

Oh dear. Not the Bulgarian mafia pushing in I hope!

by steve zeus 29 May 2011, 17:38
Sharon & Eric,
So pleased you have settled into your new life, best of luck from us both. I was with Ozzy last week at The Covent Garden Akbuk, and he was asking about the both of you. I will be pleased to let him know that you are both well and settling into your new life in Bulgaria. XX

Steve & Maxine.
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by sharon and eric 29 May 2011, 20:39
Bulgarian Mafia in a tiny little village Keith!!! don't be mad lol. No they are both doing well and no one has muscled them out. They are just persuing other interests. We have been this evening for their last day of trading and they are both very chilled and happy.

Steve, please say hi to Ozzy the next time you are over.

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by Dibs 30 May 2011, 13:29
Sharon your posts are lovely but the Bulgarian Mafia can pop up anywhere give it time remember when Turkey was as lovely........
by annabelle 30 May 2011, 13:59
Glad you enjoyıng Vıllage lıfe Sharon and Erıc ıt must be very excıtıng for you and good that you can experıence dıfferent places as you are not tıed down wıth buyıng a House :D

There are also some lovely Vıllages ın Turkey we have a Vılla ın a lovely fıshıng Vıllage ın Oren further up north from Izmır and lıfe there ıs Peaceful and Tranquıl and so dıfferent from beıng ın a Tourıst Area lıke Altınkum .The Locals there are so Frıendly and Helpfully and Kınd .
I have travelled to lots of Countrıes and ıts hard to fınd any more Beautıful and Pıcturesque than the Turkısh Landscape and the Lovely Aegean Sea .
Hope your very happy there and dont mıss the Ocean too much :D Ann :D
by puwer98 11 Jul 2011, 19:05
So where are you moving to in October Sharon please do tell

Moved back to UK on 6th July 2013 after 5 years and a half years.
by sharon and eric 11 Jul 2011, 19:28
We are going to the village of Kalchevo 10 minutes outside Yambol. It has all happened very sudden but had a great offer for rental and a wee job so we are going to give it a go. The place also has a huge workshop for Eric to make his stuff and lock up all his tools. I will tell more when I get all the details. We love it here in Dobrich but it will good being so close to Yambol as it is a big town and there is loads to do. Looking forward to it all. Thanks for asking Glynn. x

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by sootypaws 11 Jul 2011, 20:21
Good luck Sharon and Eric. Keep us updated when you have time. Ann
by annabelle 11 Jul 2011, 20:36
Good luck with your Move Sharon and Eric :D
Variety is the Spice of Life :D Ann

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