A chronicle of Sharon and Eric's new life in Bulgaria.
by Ann 21 Jun 2011, 10:25
So very sorry to hear about your loss and hope Eric continues to get better.

by sharon and eric 21 Jun 2011, 11:18
Thankyou all so much for your kind messages, it does mean an awful lot to us. Eric arrived in Glasgow this morning with just a 15 minute delay and he was happy to report that the swelling has reduced in his arm and fingers and it's just the top of his hand that is still very swollen. He is going to see Austin at the chappel of rest and then he will have a kip and catch up with the rest of the family later. Thanks again. xxxx

I love my computer, my friends live in it.
by sootypaws 21 Jun 2011, 20:08
Such a sad time for you all Sharon. Our condolences to your family. Hope Eric gets well soon and gets back to you a.s.a.p.
by Valian 22 Jun 2011, 15:12
Phew - only just caught up with this Sharon - thinking of you both at this very sad time and hope that Eric is swiftly back to good health and by your side xx

Val Image
by terryandjoan 23 Jun 2011, 13:12
Sorry to hear you have had a bad time of it Saron and Eric.

Take care of yourselves and stay strong

Terry and Joan
by jue 23 Jun 2011, 19:33
I am also just catching up Sharon, so very sorry ...........hope Eric gets better soon and is back with you shortly. jue x
by Joy and Kevin 23 Jun 2011, 23:24
Just read this post, such a sad time for you all Sharon. Our condolences and sympathy to your family. Hope Eric has a speedy recovery and is back with you very soon to keep you company.xx

Joy & Kev

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