A chronicle of Sharon and Eric's new life in Bulgaria.
by TraceyandBaz 18 Nov 2011, 08:37
What a lovely story Sharon. You sound so happy and contended with your new life in Bulgaria. Thank you for sharing it with us.

by louie 18 Nov 2011, 11:28
Great update Sharon, glad it's worked out well for you both. Can I ask why are they moving bears about?
Wishing you a White Christmas

Kath :)
by sharon and eric 18 Nov 2011, 12:38
kath they are been moved to a sanctuary, but I am not sure where they came from originallly. Paws Bulgaria who now have a licence for European Animal Transport did the move. Eric just did the cages.

I love my computer, my friends live in it.
by JANE 18 Nov 2011, 13:46
Lovely to hear your update Sharon, and that you and Eric are enjoying your life in Bulgaria!!

Jane and Billy :D

"Wish we were there"!
by phillanddi 18 Nov 2011, 16:21
Fantastic read Sharon lovely to here from you and im so glad your enjoying your
life out there im looking forward to the next update after the winter and lots of
winter photos in the snow :)

i can understand why the locals love your cakes if there half as good as your sisters
i bet your beating them off with a stick keep on living the dream ;)

phill and diane marina gateway

bought from turkish home sweet home have tapu + no regrets
by Tinker 18 Nov 2011, 18:30
Haha Pigs trotters and the like are delicious, my parents were brought up on stuff like that. I remember getting most of those things when we were young, we have just grown out of these things as a nation. We have become too fussy. ;)

Nice to see you are enjoying yourselves in Bulgaria :D

As for the Hedgehog, a Romany Gypsy many years ago told me that they would eat Hedgehog, guess what he said it tasted like......................yep chicken :roll:
by dansue 18 Nov 2011, 18:35
Brilliant read Sharon,so glad you're both happy and living the good life x x

Sue & Dan
by concala 18 Nov 2011, 18:48
Really enjoyed your post sharon. I'm glad that you are both happy there. I would love to visit your tea room for some of your yummy cakes

Carol x
by del 18 Nov 2011, 19:00
Great post Sharon. it's great that you've both got jobs to do and what great neighbours passing you all them goodies over the fence.
Keep living the dream and I'm looking forward to the winter pics.


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