A chronicle of Sharon and Eric's new life in Bulgaria.
by sharon and eric 17 Aug 2013, 12:20
Wow I can’t believe that it's almost a year since I updated this little blog. To be honest I haven’t been in the right frame of mind due to Eric being extremely ill. It all started last September, it was actually the day we went to Nessebar (written about in previous thread) that Eric had his first wobble. While we were walking round the resort, we noticed that Eric had to keep sitting down and was telling us to walk on and that he would catch up. He was breathless and had pains in his legs that disappeared when he rested. In October we went to Dr Samara and he sent him for his second visit to the heart specialist and she said he had heart failure and not to get too tired as it could be dangerous, back at the Docs with the results, he sent him away with Magnesium tablets and said nothing else could be done. Well he started losing weight and getting tierder so we went back to Docs and he sent him to a lung specialist who said he had chronic bronchitis. Since then he has just got worse and worse, he can't walk more than a few steps and his colour was off and the pain in his legs almost brought him to tears.

Recently we heard about another Gp so we thought we would go and ask him if he could give him anything for the pain in his legs, he took just one look at him and said forget his legs and heart, this is something else. He had full blood count and it shown that he had inflammation 10 times higher than normal and his haemoglobin level was just 6. He promptly sent him to the private hospital for tests and he had 3 ultra sound scans. He had inflamed liver and Pancreas and was Jaundice and severe anaemia. He was admitted a couple of days later and had blood transfusions and camera put up and down under anaesthetic and also biopsies of the inflamed organs and the massive polyp that they found in his colon. He was discharged after 4 days and came out looking a much better colour after his transfusion of new blood. Then it was the big wait for the results of the biopsy, they had already told us that he would have to go to one of the University Hospitals as he was too ill to get the polyp removed in Yambol and I think they may be removing his gallbladder or just stones as that was something else they found during the scan. On Tuesday night at 9.15pm Dr Xristo along with his son who was used as our translator called to tell us that there was no cancer in his stomach and that he would book him into Stara Zagora Hospital for his op. We were both so relieved, I cried for a while and then vowed to get back on my diet the following and start living again. The doc went on his holidays for 5 days on Wednesday and we have to see him first thing Monday for the referral and a few more details as to what will happen and then our pals Jenny and Keith will take us on the 2 hour drive to the Hospital on Tuesday morning. It's a bit far to be visiting him each day as I don't drive so I just hope that his stay will be brief and that once the cause of his Anaemia has been removed from his body, they will be able to start treating the anaemia itself and get my lovely Hubby back on the road to good health. I will let you all know how the op goes.

I will also do a proper report on our lives here and find a few pics out but I can tell you that apart from Eric’s health worries we are still very happy with Bulgaria and love it more the longer we stay. xxxx

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by Thelma 17 Aug 2013, 13:07
Sharon I have been following Eric's progress on Facebook and we are pleased that he is making good progress. It has been a very stressful time for you and hope life will be easier now.

I was sent by my Doctor to hospital for tests last Monday and I was told that I have suffered many TIAs. The Doctor said that I would have lost my speech if I had suffered a big stroke. I am now taking Clopidogrel and Simvastatin and not allowed to drive until 3rd September so I consider myself very lucky to have been diagnosed and treated.

Best of everything to you, Eric and the animals xxxx

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by louie 17 Aug 2013, 18:37
Sorry to hear of Eric's troubles, as I only know you through the AA site I thought, no doubt like many on here that you were too busy with your new life to do updates on your "blog", In the last one I read you were busy making cakes for a new venture with a friend and Eric with his woodwork. I hope the worst is now behind you and you get good news next week. You can concentrate on the diet when all this is settled and Eric is on the mend.
Best wishes to you both

Kath :)
by Ronsgame 18 Aug 2013, 14:37
Oh Sharon, poor old Eric (sorry about the old, meant in the nicest of terms!)

He really has suffered poor soul. I do hope he is feeling better now. John is attending the Private Cardio Specialist in Aydin every three months now. He lost three stones but has put one back (Thank the Lord). He looked like a skeleton and gasps for breath some days. He speaks in a whisper and sometimes I cannot hear what he is saying.

You must look after yourself as well, if we - the 'Nurses' go down then who will look after the patients?

Thelma, John has also had a couple of strokes but, with him taking his prescription medication they were not as bad as they might have been.

Do hope you are all keeping your chins up and staying hopeful. Look forward to your next edition Sharon.



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by Thelma 18 Aug 2013, 17:36
Veronica so sorry to hear John has been so poorly. It is good he has put on some weight and has medication to help him.

Thank you for giving me information re. strokes. I am taking my medication and am hoping for a good outcome.

We hope you are keeping well and have coped in all the hot weather you have been having. Take care both of you xx

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by roz 18 Aug 2013, 21:44
Hope he will be better soon it such a worry that was why we went back to Scotland to get Gordon sorted out I miss all my friends in Turkey xx
by sharon and eric 19 Aug 2013, 05:24
Thelma I am glad that you got diagnosed early and are getting treatment for your condition, I only have to look at poor Eric to know that a wrond call from a doctor can do untold damage, get well soon. xxx

Veronica, I hope John continues to gain weight and improve, if only I could give him and Eric a couple of stone each, we would all be sorted. Give him our love and sending it to you too. xxx

Roz, I don't blame you for going back and you seem very happy as is Glynn and Susan. I have many times mentioned returning but Eric will have none of it. I just think it's awful to be seriously ill in a foreign land and not totally understand whats going on. The good thing about Bulgaria though is that like Turkey, you get seen right away and for us it's all free as we transferred our UK health care over to here. I hope Gordon is getting sorted out and that you are both keeping well. xxx

Right off to get showered then going to Dr Xristo for hospital note and will learn more about whats going happen when he gets admitted tomorrow. I will keep you updated. Thanks for the well wishes.

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by Thelma 19 Aug 2013, 09:59
Thank you Sharon in actual fact I have been 'funny turns' for months but put it down to all the worry my son has caused. The fact that I mentioned to my Doctor that I could not speak when they happened must have been an indicator. Very lucky to have excellent Doctors.

Hope Eric gets a satisfactory result it is very worrying for you both. I shall watch out for n formation on Facebook as well as AA. Love and best wishes to you both from both of us xxxx

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by Ronsgame 19 Aug 2013, 14:58
HI there Sharon. I agree with you about the weight. If I could give John a stone of ME he would look a lot better. I am really watching what I am eating but, I think until the hot weather departs for other climes then it must be water retention. I asked John (joking of course!! ;) - yea, right) if I took some of his tablets, maybe I could loose more weight.
I printed out your first message for John to read, regarding Eric and he really was most concerned about him. He sends his best wishes for his full recovery. He still is not well this morning and is not really the sort of person who likes 'feeling ill'. Mr. Grumpy Drawers I call him !!!! Still it would be a very strange world without him in it.


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by sharon and eric 21 Aug 2013, 14:14
Well what a fright we had yesterday. We arrived at Stara Zagora to see the specialist for him to tell us that he believes he is suffering from a rare form of stomach cancer. After celebrating last Tuesdays results and then to hear this left me hysterical. He had more biopsy's taken and the results were in at 2 pm today and they are again negative, This Doc doesn't buy this polyp malarky as 2/3 rds of his stomach is affected and he is saying that all this might still have to be removed. The next stage will be a thorough investigation of his large bowel, we will find out Friday when this will take place. Keep your fingers and everything else crossed for him please.

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