A chronicle of Sharon and Eric's new life in Bulgaria.
by sharon and eric 31 Aug 2013, 08:47
Hello everyone, we are still no further forward in getting Eric better. His stay in Stara Zagora hospital has been penciled in for 16th September but yet to be confirmed. The surgeon is still on holiday, there are others but they want the top man to do the op. We have been asked to go and see a blood doctor in Yambol to have tests to verify what type of anemia he has before he gets admitted and guess what, she's on bloody holiday as well and is the only one in Yambol. We are getting sick of waiting now, they are usually so good over here at treating you within hours let alone days but it seems that August is the holiday month for the medical proffesion, just our luck. Eric is fine if he just sits still all day but as soon as he moves about he gets exhausted very quickly due to the lack of oxygen getting to his organs.

I have discovered a lump in my boob and only yesterday felt an enormous lump in my stomach just below the skin above my belly button, it doesn't hurt and I am almost sure that it's an umbilical hernia so once Eric gets sorted I will go and have some scans to see whats going on with me.

His 2 Sisters are coming over from Scotland next Friday so we are really looking forward to catching up with them and it will do Eric the world of good to spend time with his family.

Thanks again for thinking about us, It's nice to have somewhere to share my concerns and get support, as I said to Thelma, I can't put too much on fb as I don't want to alarm our families and start the expat rumour mill going.

Veronica, I did get your message thankyou. xxxx

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by Duke 31 Aug 2013, 09:10
Lovely to hear your still looking after Eric with a firm hand!!!!! lol ... Now then young Sharon get those lumps seen NOW!!! Bugger when,if, maybe or perhaps ... Soonest tested soonest sorted !!!! Give Eric our love & I'm sure his family visiting will put a spring in his step... My bloods were really bad when having my treatment so took iron tablets that helped me.. Still I'm sure you've done that already... I miss seeing you both out in Turkey but I'm sure we WILL meet again soon xxx

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by Thelma 31 Aug 2013, 09:39
Sharon, I shall be contacting you privately. Take care both of you xx

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by Ronsgame 31 Aug 2013, 14:25
We were both getting concerned. John just asked me fifteen minutes ago if I had heard anything from you. Well, the Top Doctor must be good if all the other doctors have such trust in him. It's just the long wait for you both. As Chris said, get those lumps attended to A.S.A.P. Never put anything like off love. Keep thinking about you. God Bless.


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by sharon and eric 12 Sep 2013, 19:45
At last we have a date for Eric's hospital stay. He will be admitted on Monday but I have no idea how long for. He has to have more blood transfusions before they can operate, so it might be a few days before he gets the polyps or stomach removed. I really do hope they can make him better and that he makes a full recovery. He's certainly not out of the woods yet so your prayers are needed. I will let you know how he gets on.

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by Thelma 12 Sep 2013, 20:02
Sharon we wish all the very best for Eric's visit to the hospital. Try not to worry too much as I expect many other people as well as myself mention Eric in our prayers. Take care of yourself as well xx

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by Ronsgame 14 Sep 2013, 11:15
John will be happy to know Eric is getting attention now. He has been asking me every time I come on here if you have told us anything. I will go now and give him the news. The Angels will be busy now with all the messages they will be getting from all your friends. God Bless.



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by Sunny Seasider 19 Jan 2014, 21:07
Hi Sharon, I hope Erics treatment is progressing well, best wishes to you both. x

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by Moira 21 Jan 2014, 21:28
Coincidentally, just yesterday I wondered how both Sharon and Eric were doing. Hopefully they are both just hibernating from the Bulgarian winter weather.


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